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descriptionHTMLPurifier with iframe extension
last changeWed, 13 Apr 2011 20:29:37 +0000 (13 13:29 -0700)
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Add new HTML.SafeIframe and URI.IframeHostWhitelist options. Many online video providers (YouTube, Vimeo) and other web applications (Google Maps, Google Calendar, etc) provide embed code in iframe format. This introduces two new settings: - HTML.SafeIframe / bool, default: FALSE Whether or not to display iframe content. - URI.IframeHostWhitelist / list, default: array() A list of whitelisted hosts for iframe content. Iframes are allowed only if the host explicitly matches an element of this array.
2011-04-13 Bradley M.... Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into iframeiframe
2011-04-10 Edward Z. YangURI.Munge munges https to http URIs.
2011-04-10 Edward Z. YangColor keywords now case-insensitive.
2011-03-27 Edward Z. YangRelease 4.3.0
2011-03-27 Edward Z. YangFix CSS URL innerHTML/cssText escaping bug.
2011-03-27 Edward Z. YangProtect against font family innerHTML/cssText attacks.
2011-03-27 Edward Z. YangFix Internet Explorer innerHTML bug.
2011-03-24 Edward Z. YangImplement CSS.AllowedFonts.
2011-03-23 Bradley M.... Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into iframe
2011-03-23 Bradley M.... Iframe Whitelisting by URI instead of hostname.
2011-03-22 Edward Z. YangDon't autoclose if no parents support the tag.
2011-03-21 Edward Z. YangSafety update for nested ul test.
2011-03-17 Edward Z. YangFix E_NOTICE from indexing into empty string.
2011-02-27 Edward Z. YangFix missing numeric entities (shows up when DirectLexing).
2011-02-14 Bradley M.... Add noframes option. Mimic img for height/width of...
2011-02-14 Bradley M.... Allow more iframe attributes. Add HTML.SafeIframe...
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