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9 <title>Flushing the Purifier - HTML Purifier</title>
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13 <h1>Flushing the Purifier</h1>
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19 <p>
20 If you've been poking around the various folders in HTML Purifier,
21 you may have noticed the <code>maintenance</code> directory. Almost
22 all of these scripts are devoted to flushing out the various caches
23 HTML Purifier uses. Normal users don't have to worry about this:
24 regular library usage is transparent. However, when doing development
25 work on HTML Purifier, you may find you have to flush one of the
26 caches.
27 </p>
29 <p>
30 As a general rule of thumb, run <code>flush.php</code> whenever you make
31 any <em>major</em> changes, or when tests start mysteriously failing.
32 In more detail, run this script if:
33 </p>
35 <ul>
36 <li>
37 You added new source files to HTML Purifier's main library.
38 (see <code>generate-includes.php</code>)
39 </li>
40 <li>
41 You modified the configuration schema (see
42 <code>generate-schema-cache.php</code>). This usually means
43 adding or modifying files in <code>HTMLPurifier/ConfigSchema/schema/</code>,
44 although in rare cases modifying <code>HTMLPurifier/ConfigSchema.php</code>
45 will also require this.
46 </li>
47 <li>
48 You modified a Definition, or its subsystems. The most usual candidate
49 is <code>HTMLPurifier/HTMLDefinition.php</code>, which also encompasses
50 the files in <code>HTMLPurifier/HTMLModule/</code> as well as if you've
51 <a href="enduser-customize.html">customizing definitions</a> without
52 the cache disabled. (see <code>flush-generation-cache.php</code>)
53 </li>
54 <li>
55 You modified source files, and have been using the standalone
56 version from the full installation. (see <code>generate-standalone.php</code>)
57 </li>
58 </ul>
60 <p>
61 You can check out the corresponding scripts for more information on what they
62 do.
63 </p>
65 </body></html>
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