git-p4: auto-size the block
[git.git] / packfile.h
1 #ifndef PACKFILE_H
2 #define PACKFILE_H
4 #include "oidset.h"
6 /*
7 * Generate the filename to be used for a pack file with checksum "sha1" and
8 * extension "ext". The result is written into the strbuf "buf", overwriting
9 * any existing contents. A pointer to buf->buf is returned as a convenience.
11 * Example: odb_pack_name(out, sha1, "idx") => ".git/objects/pack/pack-1234..idx"
13 extern char *odb_pack_name(struct strbuf *buf, const unsigned char *sha1, const char *ext);
16 * Return the name of the (local) packfile with the specified sha1 in
17 * its name. The return value is a pointer to memory that is
18 * overwritten each time this function is called.
20 extern char *sha1_pack_name(const unsigned char *sha1);
23 * Return the name of the (local) pack index file with the specified
24 * sha1 in its name. The return value is a pointer to memory that is
25 * overwritten each time this function is called.
27 extern char *sha1_pack_index_name(const unsigned char *sha1);
29 extern struct packed_git *parse_pack_index(unsigned char *sha1, const char *idx_path);
31 /* A hook to report invalid files in pack directory */
32 #define PACKDIR_FILE_PACK 1
33 #define PACKDIR_FILE_IDX 2
35 extern void (*report_garbage)(unsigned seen_bits, const char *path);
37 extern void reprepare_packed_git(struct repository *r);
38 extern void install_packed_git(struct repository *r, struct packed_git *pack);
40 struct packed_git *get_packed_git(struct repository *r);
41 struct list_head *get_packed_git_mru(struct repository *r);
44 * Give a rough count of objects in the repository. This sacrifices accuracy
45 * for speed.
47 unsigned long approximate_object_count(void);
49 extern struct packed_git *find_sha1_pack(const unsigned char *sha1,
50 struct packed_git *packs);
52 extern void pack_report(void);
55 * mmap the index file for the specified packfile (if it is not
56 * already mmapped). Return 0 on success.
58 extern int open_pack_index(struct packed_git *);
61 * munmap the index file for the specified packfile (if it is
62 * currently mmapped).
64 extern void close_pack_index(struct packed_git *);
66 extern unsigned char *use_pack(struct packed_git *, struct pack_window **, off_t, unsigned long *);
67 extern void close_pack_windows(struct packed_git *);
68 extern void close_pack(struct packed_git *);
69 extern void close_all_packs(struct raw_object_store *o);
70 extern void unuse_pack(struct pack_window **);
71 extern void clear_delta_base_cache(void);
72 extern struct packed_git *add_packed_git(const char *path, size_t path_len, int local);
75 * Make sure that a pointer access into an mmap'd index file is within bounds,
76 * and can provide at least 8 bytes of data.
78 * Note that this is only necessary for variable-length segments of the file
79 * (like the 64-bit extended offset table), as we compare the size to the
80 * fixed-length parts when we open the file.
82 extern void check_pack_index_ptr(const struct packed_git *p, const void *ptr);
85 * Perform binary search on a pack-index for a given oid. Packfile is expected to
86 * have a valid pack-index.
88 * See 'bsearch_hash' for more information.
90 int bsearch_pack(const struct object_id *oid, const struct packed_git *p, uint32_t *result);
93 * Return the SHA-1 of the nth object within the specified packfile.
94 * Open the index if it is not already open. The return value points
95 * at the SHA-1 within the mmapped index. Return NULL if there is an
96 * error.
98 extern const unsigned char *nth_packed_object_sha1(struct packed_git *, uint32_t n);
100 * Like nth_packed_object_sha1, but write the data into the object specified by
101 * the the first argument. Returns the first argument on success, and NULL on
102 * error.
104 extern const struct object_id *nth_packed_object_oid(struct object_id *, struct packed_git *, uint32_t n);
107 * Return the offset of the nth object within the specified packfile.
108 * The index must already be opened.
110 extern off_t nth_packed_object_offset(const struct packed_git *, uint32_t n);
113 * If the object named sha1 is present in the specified packfile,
114 * return its offset within the packfile; otherwise, return 0.
116 extern off_t find_pack_entry_one(const unsigned char *sha1, struct packed_git *);
118 extern int is_pack_valid(struct packed_git *);
119 extern void *unpack_entry(struct packed_git *, off_t, enum object_type *, unsigned long *);
120 extern unsigned long unpack_object_header_buffer(const unsigned char *buf, unsigned long len, enum object_type *type, unsigned long *sizep);
121 extern unsigned long get_size_from_delta(struct packed_git *, struct pack_window **, off_t);
122 extern int unpack_object_header(struct packed_git *, struct pack_window **, off_t *, unsigned long *);
124 extern void release_pack_memory(size_t);
126 /* global flag to enable extra checks when accessing packed objects */
127 extern int do_check_packed_object_crc;
129 extern int packed_object_info(struct packed_git *pack, off_t offset, struct object_info *);
131 extern void mark_bad_packed_object(struct packed_git *p, const unsigned char *sha1);
132 extern const struct packed_git *has_packed_and_bad(const unsigned char *sha1);
135 * Iff a pack file in the given repository contains the object named by sha1,
136 * return true and store its location to e.
138 extern int find_pack_entry(struct repository *r, const unsigned char *sha1, struct pack_entry *e);
140 extern int has_sha1_pack(const unsigned char *sha1);
142 extern int has_pack_index(const unsigned char *sha1);
145 * Only iterate over packs obtained from the promisor remote.
150 * Iterate over packed objects in both the local
151 * repository and any alternates repositories (unless the
152 * FOR_EACH_OBJECT_LOCAL_ONLY flag, defined in cache.h, is set).
154 typedef int each_packed_object_fn(const struct object_id *oid,
155 struct packed_git *pack,
156 uint32_t pos,
157 void *data);
158 extern int for_each_object_in_pack(struct packed_git *p, each_packed_object_fn, void *data);
159 extern int for_each_packed_object(each_packed_object_fn, void *, unsigned flags);
162 * Return 1 if an object in a promisor packfile is or refers to the given
163 * object, 0 otherwise.
165 extern int is_promisor_object(const struct object_id *oid);
167 #endif