descriptionDragora - an independent GNU/Linux-Libre distribution based on concepts of simplicity
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Dragora is a trustworthy GNU/Linux-Libre distribution based on the concept of simplicity with the goal of being a multi-purpose operating system. Dragora respects the freedom of the user with the values of free software and provides control to those who use it. It is developed entirely by volunteers and it is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
2023-05-04 Matías Fonzopackages/ Updatedmaster
2023-04-26 Matías FonzoCommit build IDv3.0-beta2
2023-04-22 Matías Fonzosources/libXre.sha256: Removed wrong file creation
2023-04-22 Matías Fonzorecipes: 00-core.order: Build Python modules after...
2023-04-22 Matías Fonzorecipes: python/python3: Reconfigured
2023-04-22 Matías Fonzorecipes: devel/mercurial: Upgraded to version 6.4.2
2023-04-19 Matías Fonzorecipes: tools/coreutils: Upgraded to version 9.3
2023-04-19 Matías Fonzorecipes: Upgrade of meson and setuptools
2023-04-19 Matías Fonzodragora-tools: build-for-release: Bump to version 0.7
2023-04-18 Matías Fonzorecipes: libs/barelibs: Use the force when copy the...
2023-04-17 Matías Fonzorecipes: networking/connman: Solved build issue with...
2023-04-17 Matías Fonzorecipes: libs/libexecinfo: Do not strip references...
2023-04-17 Matías Fonzorecipes: libs/libunwind: Upgraded to git snapshot 20230...
2023-04-17 Matías Fonzorecipes: networking/connman: Upgraded to git snapshot...
2023-04-17 Matías Fonzorecipes: libs/libbacktrace: Upgraded to git snapshot...
2023-04-17 Matías Fonzodragora-tools: build-for-release: Bump to version 0.6
10 months ago v3.0-beta2 version 3.0-beta2
4 years ago v3.0-beta1 version 3.0-beta1
5 years ago v3.0-alpha2 version 3.0-alpha2
6 years ago v3.0-alpha1 version 3.0-alpha1
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