descriptionDragora - an independent GNU/Linux-Libre distribution based on concepts of simplicity
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Dragora is a trustworthy GNU/Linux-Libre distribution based on the concept of simplicity with the goal of being a multi-purpose operating system. Dragora respects the freedom of the user with the values of free software and provides control to those who use it. It is developed entirely by volunteers and it is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
2020-09-26 Matías Fonzorecipes: Set or fix previous permissions for vim*master
2020-09-25 Matías Fonzorecipes: libs/ncurses: Upgraded to version 6.2-20200919
2020-09-24 Matías Fonzorecipes: libs/lzlib: Commit missing downgrade
2020-09-24 Matías Fonzosources: SOURCELIST.txt: Update address for lzlib-1.11
2020-09-24 Matías FonzoDowngrade version of lzlib (1.11)
2020-09-24 Matías Fonzorecipes: compressors/plzip: Upgraded to version 1.9-rc2
2020-09-23 Matías Fonzoqi: Get the absolute path name to compose the current...
2020-09-22 Matías Fonzoqi: Minor changes, refactoring readconfig()
2020-09-22 Matías Fonzorecipes: Upgraded CMake stack
2020-09-20 Matías Fonzostages: 1/13-lzlib: Fix mismatch (provided) version
2020-09-20 Matías Fonzoarchive: Adjust entries in some files
2020-09-20 Matías Fonzoarchive: etc/os-release: Refreshed
2020-09-12 Matías Fonzorecipes: 01-sound.order: Fix wrong declaration for...
2020-09-12 Matías Fonzorecipes: libs/lzlib: Upgraded to version 1.12 (rc2)
2020-09-12 Matías FonzoUpdate differences for musl from master branch
2020-09-12 Matías Fonzobootstrap: Switch back to the optimization flag for...
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