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descriptionS11's changes to CXML.
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last changeSun, 30 Nov 2008 13:10:56 +0000 (30 14:10 +0100)
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Matching full XML output by string comparison in the Weblocks tests is a real pain. More information is available in the ticket.
2008-11-30 David Lichteblauvarious docstrings; releasemaster
2008-06-07 David LichteblauWorkaround for :up pathnames, thanks to Pierre Mai
2008-06-07 David LichteblauSupport for various windows codepages, thanks to Pierre Mai
2008-05-19 David Lichteblaumoved find-output-encoding to closure-common, thanks...
2008-05-16 David Lichteblaunew test case
2008-04-26 David LichteblauFixed condition class in not-wellformed document with...
2008-04-13 David LichteblauOutput encoding support, using Babel
2008-03-23 dlichteblaufixed sax:unescaped on the broadcast sink
2008-03-02 dlichteblaudocumentation update
2008-02-24 dlichteblauadd XPath support for xmls-compat
2008-02-19 dlichteblaufixed PARSE for non-file-streams
2008-02-08 dlichteblaurepresent base uris as strings, not puri objects
2007-12-22 dlichteblauUse 21 bit characters on Lisp offering them.
2007-12-22 dlichteblauFixed klacks-error export, thanks to Andreas Fuchs.
2007-12-02 dlichteblaua serialization test
2007-12-02 dlichteblaunew slot omit-xml-declaration-p on sink
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9 years ago master