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descriptionPrzemoc's CSQL changes
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CSQL with Przemoc's changes

CSQL with fixes for Debian/Ubuntu (including 64-bit versions) and GCC 4.3. Tested on Debian 5.0, Ubuntu 8.04 and Ubuntu 8.10.
Tests (available in test directory) are not working yet.


Following software is needed to build CSQL: In Debian/Ubuntu you can install them with one command:
apt-get install g++ autoconf automake libtool make bison flex unixodbc-dev sun-java6-jdk

How to download?

$ git clone git:// csql
In following sections I assume that your working directory is the root of local git tree.

How to build?

$ make -f Makefile.cvs
$ export JDK_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun  # this is optional - 1st part
$ export PATH=$JDK_HOME/bin:$PATH          # this is optional - 2nd part
$ ./build.ksh

How to run server?

$ . ./setupenv.ksh
$ csqlserver

How to run examples?

First run server in one terminal and execute following commands in another.
$ . ./setupenv.ksh


It will work only if you have built CSQL with JDBC lib (setting JDK_HOME preceded running ./build.ksh).
$ ( export PATH=$JDK_HOME/bin:$PATH && \
    cd examples/jdbc && make && \
    java jdbcexample )


$ ( cd examples/odbc && make && \
    for I in `seq 6`; do ./ODBCman$I; done )


$ ( cd examples/sqlapi && make && \
    ./insert && ./update && ./delete && ./sqlapiexample )

SQL scripts

$ ( cd examples/isql && \
    csql -u root -p manager -s create.sql && \
    csql -u root -p manager -s insert.sql && \
    csql -u root -p manager -s select.sql && \
    csql -u root -p manager -s delete.sql && \
    csql -u root -p manager -s drop.sql )


GNU General Public License, version 2
2009-05-11 Przemyslaw... Merge branch 'master' into 2.3beta-2.5betamaster
2009-05-08 prabatutyremoving cacheload lib dependency
2009-05-08 prabatutyadding db size to README
2009-05-08 niharlcp1Unnecessary library deleted
2009-05-08 niharlcp1Unnecessary library deleted
2009-05-08 kishoramballisetBinaryParam 3rd parameter added
2009-05-08 niharlcp1Expected files modified due to sql supported bucket...
2009-05-08 kishoramballiexpected files changed with respect to the autoincremen...
2009-05-08 kishoramballitype was not being initialized since the else part...
2009-05-08 kishoramballiisql.cxx copied from enterprise and changed appropriately
2009-05-08 bijayaconfig file changed
2009-05-08 bijayaengine=innodb add
2009-05-08 kishoramballitable->close is replaced with table->closeScan
2009-05-08 prabatutychanges for 2.5
2009-05-08 niharlcp1Added on line i.e CACHE_TABLE=true> $CSQL_CONFIG_FILE...
2009-05-08 kishoramballiHashIndex undo logs when client got killed before commi...
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