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descriptionS11's changes to CLSQL.
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CLSQL is a Common Lisp to SQL engine interface by Kevin M.
Rosenberg. It includes both functional and object oriented subsystems
for data definition and manipulation as well as an integrated symbolic
SQL syntax.

CLSQL supports a number of RDBMS and uses the UFFI ( 
library for compatibility with Allegro CL, Lispworks, CMUCL, SBCL and

CLSQL has incorporated code from the following projects. At this point
in 2004, development of has stopped on these incorporated projects.
  - Pierre Mai's MaiSQL
  - onShore Development's UncommonSQL
  - Paul Meurer's SQL/ODBC 
  - Cadabra's Oracle interface

CLSQL's home is

Documentation is available as a PDF file in doc/clsql.pdf and as HTML
files in doc/html.tar.gz.
2009-10-11 Stephen CompallMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergAutomated commit for upstream build of version 4.1.1
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergNew documentation files
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergNew release 4.1.1
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergRework initialize-instance for view-class-direct-slot...
2009-09-04 Stephen Compallmerge master (including some s11 patches)
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergUse :verbose nil for asdf:operate invocation
2009-09-04 Kevin Rosenbergfix parse-iso-8601-duration always answering 0-length...
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergImproved handlining of nested transactions
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergHave database-type default be *default-database-type*
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergAdd directory for MacPorts mysql5 port
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergFix transposed letters
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergAllow optional connect parameters for postgresql databases
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergRework do-query to use database for special case
2009-09-02 Kevin RosenbergWindows Drive Patch
2009-09-01 Kevin Rosenbergfix spelling error
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