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descriptionFork of cl-glfw with interface changes
last changeTue, 11 Nov 2008 16:07:32 +0000 (11 11:07 -0500)
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I prefer GLFW over GLUT, but I prefer the interface of cl-opengl over the GL bindings given with cl-glfw, so I found myself modifying cl-glfw to be more similar to the cl-opengl bindings. This fork contains those changes.

Be warned that these changes aren't complete, and, in fact, there are some inconsistencies currently, as I tended to only change the parts I needed at a given point. Also, the examples haven't been properly updated yet.

2008-11-11 Julian SquiresImproved use of nicer types in callbacks.master
2008-11-10 Julian SquiresMake get-mouse-button return a boolean.
2008-11-10 Julian SquiresCloser towards the cl-opengl style, with image flags.
2008-11-01 Julian SquiresContinued bringing glfw interface closer to cl-opengl...
2008-10-31 Julian SquiresMaking CL-GLFW lispier, starting with get-key and open...
2008-08-26 John ConnorsExperimental changes to generated code.
2008-08-17 John ConnorsDocumentation tweaks
2008-08-17 John ConnorsRemoved some (TMS)
2008-08-02 John ConnorsRemoving unicode characters that impede compilation...
2008-08-02 John ConnorsRemoving unicode characters that impede compilation...
2008-08-01 John ConnorsSorted some problems with poiner types.
2008-08-01 John ConnorsSimpler examples work. Extension loading still question...
2008-08-01 John ConnorsFixing opengl package so that types work.
2008-08-01 John ConnorsMerging cffi-newtypes with master for next release.
2008-07-30 John ConnorsMerge branch 'new-cffi-foreign-types' of git+ssh:/...
2008-07-30 John ConnorsAdding documentation
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