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9 <h1 class="title"><a name="Samba documentation collection"></a>Samba documentation collection</h1>
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13 <table>
14 <td valign="top">SAMBA <a href="Samba3-Developers-Guide/index.html">Developers</a> Guide</td>
15 <td valign="top">This book is a collection of documents that might be useful for people developing samba or those interested in doing so. It's nothing more than a collection of documents written by samba developers about the internals of various parts of samba and the SMB protocol. It's still (and will always be) incomplete.</td>
16 </tr>
17 <tr>
18 <td valign="top">Samba-3 by <a href="Samba3-ByExample/index.html">Example</a></td>
19 <td valign="top">Practical Exercises in Successful Samba Deployment.</td>
20 </tr>
21 <tr>
22 <td valign="top">The Official Samba-3 <a href="Samba3-HOWTO/index.html">HOWTO</a> and Reference Guide</td>
23 <td valign="top">This book provides example configurations, it documents key aspects of Microsoft Windows networking, provides in-depth insight into the important configuration of Samba-3, and helps to put all of these into a useful framework.</td>
24 </tr>
25 <tr>
26 <td valign="top"><a href="manpages/index.html">Man pages</a></td>
27 <td valign="top">The Samba man pages in HTML.</td>
28 </tr>
29 <tr>
30 <td valign="top"><a href="../../WHATSNEW.txt">WHATSNEW</a></td>
31 <td valign="top">Samba Release Notes.</td>
32 </tr>
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