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11 hours ago Amine Khaldistrmbase: Remove unused TransformFilter_Vtbl (Clang).master
11 hours ago Nikolay Sivovdwrite: Implement CreateFontFaceFromHdc().
11 hours ago Nikolay Sivovdwrite: Implement CreateFontFromLOGFONT() on top of...
11 hours ago Nikolay Sivovdwrite: Store factory pointer gdiinterop was created...
19 hours ago Jacek Cabanmshtml: Return S_OK in IHTMLDocument3::recalc.
19 hours ago Piotr Cabanmsvcp100: Fix basic_string class definition.
19 hours ago Piotr Cabanmsvcp100: Add std::iostream_category() implementation.
3 days ago Alexandre JulliardRelease
3 days ago Piotr Cabanuser32: Don't move mouse hardware messages to other...
3 days ago Piotr Cabanserver: Send mouse hardware messages to thread owning...
3 days ago Piotr Cabanuser32/tests: Add mouse SendInput tests when mouse...
3 days ago Piotr Cabanuser32/tests: Add mouse SendInput tests.
3 days ago Stefan Dösingerd3d9/tests: Port test_window_style to d3d9ex.
3 days ago Stefan Dösingerd3d9/tests: Port wndproc tests to d3d9ex.
3 days ago Ken Thomasesconfigure: For Mac, link wineloader with -no_pie if...
3 days ago Ken Thomaseswined3d: Fix subtraction of resource size from used...
3 days ago wine-1.7.29 Release 1.7.29
2 weeks ago wine-1.7.28 Release 1.7.28
4 weeks ago wine-1.7.27 Release 1.7.27
6 weeks ago wine-1.7.26 Release 1.7.26
8 weeks ago wine-1.7.25 Release 1.7.25
2 months ago wine-1.7.24 Release 1.7.24
2 months ago wine-1.7.23 Release 1.7.23
3 months ago wine-1.7.22 Release 1.7.22
3 months ago wine-1.7.21 Release 1.7.21
4 months ago wine-1.7.20 Release 1.7.20
5 months ago wine-1.7.19 Release 1.7.19
5 months ago wine-1.7.18 Release 1.7.18
6 months ago wine-1.7.17 Release 1.7.17
6 months ago wine-1.7.16 Release 1.7.16
7 months ago wine-1.7.15 Release 1.7.15
7 months ago wine-1.7.14 Release 1.7.14
11 hours ago master
9 months ago stable
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wine/wine-gecko.git Wine tree for Wine Gecko devel... 4 days ago
wine/multimedia.git Maarten's multimedia branch 2 weeks ago
wine/testsucceed.git Quick hack tree for wine patch... 16 months ago
wine/gsoc-2012-control.git GSOC 2012 project to enhance... 2 years ago
wine/gsoc_explorer.git 3 years ago
wine/hlsl-compiler.git HLSL compiler 4 years ago
wine/hramrach.git an attempt at megring old... 4 years ago
wine/hacks.git useful hacks and other patches... 4 years ago
wine/iexploreui.git Patches to add a full UI to... 4 years ago
wine/longene-wine.git longene 4 years ago
wine/gsoc_dplay.git DirectPlay implementation... 5 years ago
wine/warcraft3.git WINE with "Warcraft 3"-patches. 5 years ago
wine/d3dx9TW.git Implementations for the textur... 5 years ago
wine/dibdrv-max.git Merged dibdrv work started... 5 years ago
wine/wine64.git 5 years ago
wine/wine-kai.git Work in progress by Kai Blin 5 years ago