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This is our current working repository for the Tiny C Compiler.
If you have questions or suggestions, please write to the TinyCC mailing list.
If you want to contribute patches, push them directly here on our "mob" branch.
How to contribute patches to our "mob" patchwork (what's mob?):
  1. If you haven't done before, clone our tinycc repository: "git clone git://"
  2. Fetch the latest changes: "git fetch origin"
  3. Create a new branch on top of origin/mob: "git checkout -b mypatch origin/mob".
  4. Commit your patches to this new branch ("git gui") and verify ("gitk --all").
  5. Push your changes to here: "git push ssh:// mypatch:mob"
  6. Don't forget to talk about on the TinyCC mailing list.
8 days ago David MertensSECTION_ALIGNMENT -> RUN_SECTION_ALIGNMENT, and tweaksmob
10 days ago David MertensArchitecture-specific section alignment
2016-12-30 Pavlas, Zdenekwin32: support "-Wl,--large-address-aware" option
2016-12-24 Avi Halachmi... tests: don't assume $(CC) is gcc
2016-12-20 grischkatests: OOT build fixes etc.
2016-12-20 Michael MatzFix pseudo leak
2016-12-20 Michael MatzFix some code suppression fallout
2016-12-18 grischkai386-gen: fix USE_EBX
2016-12-18 grischkalibtcc.c: -m option cleanup
2016-12-18 grischkatests: add memory leak test
2016-12-18 grischkatccgen: nocode_wanted++/--
2016-12-18 grischkatccgen: fix expr_cond for alt. nocode_wanted
2016-12-18 grischkatccgen: nocode_wanted alternatively
2016-12-18 Michael MatzFix gawk miscompile
2016-12-15 Michael Matzi386: Fix various testsuite issues
2016-12-15 Michael Matzarm64: Handle R_AARCH64_PREL32 again
3 years ago release_0_9_26 Release TinyCC 0.9.26
7 years ago release_0_9_25
8 years ago release_0_9_24
11 years ago release_0_9_23
12 years ago release_0_9_22
13 years ago release_0_9_20
13 years ago release_0_9_19
13 years ago release_0_9_18
15 years ago initial
8 days ago mob
3 years ago master
7 years ago tcc-xref
7 years ago mob-stuff
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