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This is our current working repository for the Tiny C Compiler.
If you have questions or suggestions, please write to the TinyCC mailing list.
If you want to contribute patches, push them directly here on our "mob" branch.
How to contribute patches to our "mob" patchwork (what's mob?):
  1. If you haven't done before, clone our tinycc repository: "git clone git://"
  2. Fetch the latest changes: "git fetch origin"
  3. Create a new branch on top of origin/mob: "git checkout -b mypatch origin/mob".
  4. Commit your patches to this new branch ("git gui") and verify ("gitk --all").
  5. Push your changes to here: "git push ssh:// mypatch:mob"
  6. Don't forget to talk about on the TinyCC mailing list.
2016-01-11 Edmund Grimley... tccgen.c: In parse_btype, handle type qualifiers applie... mob
2016-01-06 Edmund Grimley... CodingStyle: Remove reference to misaligned struct...
2015-12-27 Thomas Preud... i386: Add support for new psABI relocation
2015-12-17 Michael Matzx86-64: fix shared libs
2015-12-17 Michael Matzx86-64: Define symbol constant for new relocs
2015-12-17 Michael Matzx86-64: Add support for new psABI relocations
2015-12-15 Vincent LefevreFixed a dependency (error with make -j8).
2015-11-26 Edmund Grimley... Change the way struct CStrings are handled.
2015-11-26 Edmund Grimley... TODO: Add two issues.
2015-11-26 Edmund Grimley... tccgen.c: Give error if statement expression found...
2015-11-23 Edmund Grimley... tcc.h: Change order of built-in include paths: put...
2015-11-22 Edmund Grimley... tccgen.c: Try to make sizeof(!x) work.
2015-11-21 Edmund Grimley... tccgen.c: Bug fix for 992cbda and 3ff77a1: set nocode_w...
2015-11-21 Edmund Grimley... TODO: Add note on handling of floating-point values.
2015-11-21 Edmund Grimley... TODO: Add some issues.
2015-11-20 Edmund Grimley... CodingStyle: Add notes on language and testing.
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