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Smatch is a static analysis tool for C. Most of the checks are for the linux kernel. Please write checks for your project. It's fun and easy!

There is a mailing list [smatch [at]]

9 days ago Dan Carpentervalidation: update some testsmaster
9 days ago Dan Carpentercomparison: remove bogus NULL check
9 days ago Dan Carpentersmatch_estate: fix clone_estate_cast()
9 days ago Dan Carpenter*new* impossible_mask: complain if people do "if (...
11 days ago Dan Carpenterextra: fix get_user() handling
11 days ago Dan Carpenterequiv: mark variables as equiv even when their types...
11 days ago Dan Carpenter*new* real_absolute: give a more accurate absolute...
2015-11-12 Dan Carpenterranges: doing division was sometimes corrupting memory
2015-11-11 Dan Carpenterhelper: clear *sym in expr_to_chunk_helper()
2015-11-11 Dan Carpenterimplied: small speed up
2015-11-11 Dan Carpenterimplied: mark some function parameters as const
2015-11-11 Dan Carpenterlocal_values: speed up, by ignoring array values
2015-11-11 Dan Carpentermath: handle strlen() of known strings
2015-11-11 Dan Carpenteruser_data2: fix crashing bug
2015-11-10 Dan Carpentermath: move to using rl_binop for XOR
2015-11-05 Dan Carpenterextra: modifications inside WARN_ON() macros should...
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