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Smatch is a static analysis tool for C. Most of the checks are for the linux kernel. Please write checks for your project. It's fun and easy!

There is a mailing list [smatch [at]]

12 days ago Dan Carpenterparam_set: don't save if the parent is setmaster
12 days ago Dan Carpenteratomic_inc_dec: add a couple more functions
12 days ago Dan Carpentersigned_integer_overflow: ignore this for the kernel
12 days ago Dan Carpentermath: handle conditionals like: "a = b?: c;"
12 days ago Dan Carpenternospec: don't fill the DB up with garbage
13 days ago Dan Carpentersizeof: fix NULL dereference parsing invalid code
13 days ago Dan Carpenterstrings: truncating large strings causes SQL problems...
13 days ago Dan Carpentertype_val: don't double record globals
13 days ago Dan Carpentertarget: man ssize_t be unsigned long instead of unsigne...
13 days ago Dan Carpenterextra: don't reset impossible states after a condition
2018-09-10 Dan Carpenterarray: store possible array values for simple arrays
2018-09-06 Dan Carpentermtag: HACK: return false if the mtag is zero
2018-09-06 Dan Carpenterflow: fake an assign statement for global initializers
2018-09-06 Dan Carpenterflow: tweak how function timeouts happen
2018-09-06 Dan Carpenterdb: fix a type bug
2018-09-06 Dan Carpentersmatch_flow: don't parse inline functions after we...
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7 years ago v0.4.4-rc2 Sparse 0.4.4-rc2
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8 years ago v0.4.3 sparse 0.4.3 release
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