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Smatch is a static analysis tool for C. Most of the checks are for the linux kernel. Please write checks for your project. It's fun and easy!

There is a mailing list [smatch [at]]

11 days ago Dan Carpenterdb: make call_implies rows uniquemaster
12 days ago Dan Carpenterflow: remove the call_split_expr() function
12 days ago Dan Carpenterextra: handle comparisons to expression statements
12 days ago Dan Carpenterdb/ don't perma-ban functions...
12 days ago Dan Carpenterdb/ commit all my stuff
12 days ago Dan Carpenterfunction_ptrs: record local pointer scope correctly
12 days ago Dan Carpenterreal_absolute: don't save single value assigns
12 days ago Dan Carpentersval: fix a bug in sval_too_low()
12 days ago Dan Carpenterdb: introduce db_ignore_states()
12 days ago Dan Carpenterdb/untracked_param: mark parameters untracked if we...
12 days ago Dan Carpenterflow: don't parse inline functions which aren't interesting
2018-04-23 Dan Carpenterdb/constraints_required.schema: add missing semi-colon
2018-04-20 Dan Carpenterflow/expressions/function_hooks: re-fix is_assigned_call()
2018-04-20 Dan Carpenterkernel: handle __read_once_size()
2018-04-20 Dan Carpentermath: fix a get_value() bug
2018-04-19 Dan Carpenterexpressions: make assign_expression() take an op argument
3 years ago 1.60
4 years ago v0.5.0 Sparse 0.5.0
4 years ago 1.59
5 years ago v0.4.5-rc1 Sparse 0.4.5-rc1
5 years ago 1.58
5 years ago 1.57
6 years ago 1.56
6 years ago v0.4.4 sparse release 0.4.4
6 years ago v0.4.4-rc2 Sparse 0.4.4-rc2
6 years ago v0.4.4-rc1 Sparse 0.4.4-rc1
7 years ago v0.4.3 sparse 0.4.3 release
8 years ago 1.55
8 years ago 1.54
8 years ago v0.4.2 sparse 0.4.2
8 years ago v0.4.2-rc1 Sparse 0.4.2-rc1
8 years ago 1.53
11 days ago master