descriptiongentoo overlay for various bleeding edge ebuilds
last changeMon, 29 May 2017 09:38:59 +0000 (29 10:38 +0100)
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7 hours ago Sergei Trofimovichx11-terms/alacritty: refreshed live ebuild, noticed... master
9 days ago Sergei Trofimovichmedia-sound/xmms2: remove live ebuild in favour ::gento...
2017-05-11 Sergei TrofimovichMerge pull request #1 from Cynede/alacritty-desktop
2017-05-11 Mikhail Pukhlikovx11-terms/alacritty: generate desktop file
2017-03-04 Sergei Trofimovichx11-terms/alacritty: live ebuild for a terminal emulator
2017-03-04 Sergei Trofimovichprofiles/categories: populate
2017-03-04 Sergei Trofimovichfollow ::gentoo in removing '# $Id$' headers
2017-03-04 Sergei Trofimovichdev-util/cargo-ebuild: new package, an ebuild generator...
2016-11-12 Sergei Trofimovichsys-libs/glibc: drop in favour of in-tree version
2016-11-06 Sergei Trofimovichsys-libs/glibc: apply as much as possible of glibc...
2016-11-06 Sergei Trofimovichsys-libs/glibc: bump up to 2.24
2016-08-26 Sergei Trofimovichprofiles/package.mask: drop package.mask
2016-08-26 Sergei Trofimovichapp-text/qt-box-editor: actually install a binary
2016-08-17 Sergei Trofimovichapp-misc/neercs: new ebuild for a fun package
2016-07-20 Sergei Trofimovichapp-text/qt-box-editor: new package, box files editor...
2016-06-14 Sergei Trofimovichx11-plugins/pidgin-window_merge: moved to ::gentoo
7 hours ago master