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107 min ago rguenth2014-10-23 Richard Biener <>mastertrunktrunk
109 min ago roFix gcc.dg/ipa/ipa-icf-2[18].c on Solaris
2 hours ago roFix gnu11 fallout on SPARC
2 hours ago roFix SPARC testsuite gnu11 fallout
2 hours ago rguenth2014-10-22 Richard Biener <>
7 hours ago ianCommit old ChangeLog entry forgotten in commit of actua...
7 hours ago timshen PR libstdc++/63497
10 hours ago gccadminDaily bump.
14 hours ago burnus2014-10-22 Richard Biener <>
17 hours ago jsm28Do not build soft-fp code at all for powerpc64-linux...
17 hours ago dehaogcc/ChangeLog:
19 hours ago carrot PR tree-optimization/63530
19 hours ago dmalcolmReset global state ipa-icf.c:optimizer
20 hours ago amacleod2014-10-22 Andrew MacLeod <>
22 hours ago rsandifogcc/
22 hours ago rsandifogcc/
6 months ago gcc-4_9_0-release
12 months ago gcc-4_8_2-release
15 months ago gcc-2_8_1-release
16 months ago gcc-4_8_1-release
18 months ago gcc-4_6_4-release
18 months ago gcc-4_7_3-release
19 months ago gcc-4_8_0-release
2 years ago gcc-4_7_2-release
2 years ago gcc-4_5_4-release
2 years ago gcc-4_7_1-release
2 years ago alpha-v0.1 aplha version 0.1
2 years ago gcc-4_7_0-release
2 years ago gcc-4_4_7-release
2 years ago gcc-4_6_3-release
2 years ago gcc-4_6_2-release
3 years ago gcc-4_3_6-release
107 min ago master
107 min ago trunk
10 hours ago gcc-4_9-branch
10 hours ago gcc-4_8-branch
20 hours ago melt-branch
21 hours ago dmalcolm/jit
45 hours ago hsa
45 hours ago kyukhin/gomp4-offload
13 days ago gccgo
2 weeks ago aldyh/debug-early
6 weeks ago vries/oacc-kernels
7 weeks ago redi/filesystem-ts
4 months ago fortran-dev
4 months ago gccrs
4 months ago gcc-4_7-branch
5 months ago linaro-dev/sched-model-prefetch
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official-gcc/slyfox.git my tiny hacks on top of gcc 2 years ago
official-gcc/graphite-test-results.git GCC graphite test results grosser@fim.uni... 4 years ago
official-gcc/alias-decl.git 4 years ago
official-gcc/constexpr.git fork for development of c... 4 years ago
official-gcc/Ramakrishna.git Sandbox for GRAPHITE tests 4 years ago