descriptionThe Rubyist's interface to Ncurses.
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2009-03-17 elliottcableMerge branch 'master' of master
2009-03-15 elliottcableRevert "Mis-handled the uber-long Unicode"
2009-03-15 elliottcableMoved `Key::Names` into constants under `Key::ASCII...
2009-03-15 elliottcableBreaking instead of out-right exiting when `Nfoiled...
2009-03-15 elliottcableWrapped `Nfoiled::read!`'s contents in a block so that...
2009-03-15 elliottcableAdded a really fragile UTF-8 parser. Really needs a...
2009-03-15 elliottcableRe-named `Key.process` to `Key.ascii`
2009-03-15 elliottcableDuck punching stringish on `Window#print`
2009-03-15 elliottcableIgnoring the 'logs' folder.
2009-03-14 elliottcableMis-handled the uber-long Unicode
2009-03-14 elliottcableAdded more examples of key sequences to thoughts.txt
2009-03-14 elliottcableAdded a temporary thoughts-file to keep track of all...
2009-03-14 elliottcableAdded a basic input example. Really messy right now.
2009-03-14 elliottcableGot started on a read loop. Not really very good atm.
2009-03-13 elliottcableRe-worked `Key.process` some more.
2009-03-13 elliottcableCleaned up some documentation on `Key`, and working...
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