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Git - fast, scalable, distributed revision control system

Git is a fast, scalable, distributed revision control system with an unusually rich command set that provides both high-level operations and full access to internals.

Git is an Open Source project covered by the GNU General Public License version 2 (some parts of it are under different licenses, compatible with the GPLv2). It was originally written by Linus Torvalds with help of a group of hackers around the net.

Please read the file INSTALL for installation instructions.

Many Git online resources are accessible from <> including full documentation and Git related tools.

See Documentation/gittutorial.txt to get started, then see Documentation/giteveryday.txt for a useful minimum set of commands, and Documentation/git-<commandname>.txt for documentation of each command. If git has been correctly installed, then the tutorial can also be read with man gittutorial or git help tutorial, and the documentation of each command with man git-<commandname> or git help <commandname>.

CVS users may also want to read Documentation/gitcvs-migration.txt (man gitcvs-migration or git help cvs-migration if git is installed).

The user discussion and development of Git take place on the Git mailing list -- everyone is welcome to post bug reports, feature requests, comments and patches to (read Documentation/SubmittingPatches for instructions on patch submission). To subscribe to the list, send an email with just "subscribe git" in the body to The mailing list archives are available at <>, <> and other archival sites.

The maintainer frequently sends the "What's cooking" reports that list the current status of various development topics to the mailing list. The discussion following them give a good reference for project status, development direction and remaining tasks.

The name "git" was given by Linus Torvalds when he wrote the very first version. He described the tool as "the stupid content tracker" and the name as (depending on your mood):

4 days ago Junio C HamanoGit 2.16maintmasterv2.16.0
5 days ago Junio C HamanoMerge tag 'l10n-2.16.0-rnd2' of git://
6 days ago Ralf Thielowl10n: de.po: translate 72 new messages
6 days ago Ralf Thielowl10n: de.po: improve messages when a branch starts...
9 days ago SZEDER GáborRelNotes: minor typofix
10 days ago Junio C HamanoGit 2.16-rc2v2.16.0-rc2
10 days ago Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jh/object-filtering'
10 days ago Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'tg/worktree-create-tracking'
10 days ago Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'js/test-with-ws-in-path'
10 days ago Alexander Shopovl10n: bg.po: Updated Bulgarian translation (3288t)
10 days ago Ralf ThielowDocumentation/git-worktree.txt: add missing `
11 days ago Beat Bollit3900: add some more quotes
11 days ago Junio C HamanoRelNotes update before -rc2
11 days ago Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'js/perl-path-workaround-in-tests'
11 days ago Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'ew/empty-merge-with-dirty-index'
11 days ago Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'ma/bisect-leakfix'
4 days ago v2.16.0 Git 2.16
10 days ago v2.16.0-rc2 Git 2.16-rc2
2 weeks ago v2.16.0-rc1 Git 2.16-rc1
3 weeks ago v2.16.0-rc0 Git 2.16-rc0
7 weeks ago v2.15.1 Git 2.15.1
2 months ago v2.15.0 Git 2.15
2 months ago v2.14.3 Git 2.14.3
3 months ago v2.15.0-rc2 Git 2.15-rc2
3 months ago v2.15.0-rc1 Git 2.15-rc1
3 months ago v2.15.0-rc0 Git 2.15-rc0
4 months ago v2.14.2 Git 2.14.2
4 months ago v2.13.6 Git 2.13.6
4 months ago v2.12.5 Git 2.12.5
4 months ago v2.11.4 Git 2.11.4
4 months ago v2.10.5 Git 2.10.5
5 months ago v2.14.1 Git 2.14.1
2 days ago pu
4 days ago next
4 days ago master
4 days ago maint
12 days ago todo
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