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descriptionJonathan Nieder’s miscellaneous git branches
last changeFri, 15 Aug 2014 22:09:12 +0000
Content tags:
2014-08-15 Junio C HamanoGit 2.1master
2014-08-13 Johannes Sixttests: fix negated test_i18ngrep calls
2014-08-10 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2014-08-08 Junio C HamanoGit 2.1-rc2
2014-08-08 Alexander Shopovgitk: Updated Bulgarian translation (302t,0f,0u)
2014-08-08 Max Kirillovgitk: Add keybinding to switch to parent commit
2014-08-07 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'mb/relnotes-2.1'
2014-08-07 Marc BranchaudRelease notes: grammatical fixes
2014-08-07 Stefan Bellervarious contrib: Fix links in man pages
2014-08-05 Junio C HamanoRelNotes: no more check_ref_format micro-optimization
2014-08-04 Junio C HamanoGit 2.1.0-rc1
2014-08-04 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'tf/maint-doc-push'
2014-08-04 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'ta/doc-config'
2014-07-31 Tony Finchgit-push: fix link in man page
2014-07-30 Junio C HamanoSync with 2.0.4
2014-07-30 Junio C HamanoUpdate draft release notes to 2.1
5 weeks ago rs/ref-transaction "Use ref transactions", part 3
2 months ago rs/ref-transaction-1 "Use ref transactions", early part
13 months ago v1.8.4.1 Git
15 months ago v1.8.4 Git 1.8.4
15 months ago v1.8.4-rc4 Git 1.8.4-rc4
15 months ago v1.8.4-rc3 Git 1.8.4-rc3
15 months ago v1.8.4-rc2 Git 1.8.4-rc2
15 months ago v1.8.4-rc1 Git 1.8.4-rc1
15 months ago v1.8.4-rc0 Git 1.8.4-rc0
16 months ago v1.8.3.4 Git
16 months ago v1.8.3.3 Git
16 months ago v1.8.3.2 Git
17 months ago gitgui-0.18.0 git-gui 0.18.0
17 months ago v1.8.3.1 Git
17 months ago v1.8.3 Git 1.8.3
18 months ago v1.8.3-rc3 Git 1.8.3-rc3
2 months ago pu
3 months ago next
3 months ago master
3 months ago todo
3 months ago maint