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8 <p>We are volunteer-run no-income service, and sometimes, we need your help!</p>
10 <h2>New Hardware Donations Pledge</h2>
12 <div style="margin-left: auto, margin-right: auto">
13 <p><strong>Pledge start:</strong> 2010-01-13 23:00 UTC</p>
14 <p><strong>Pledge status:</strong> [2010-01-14 11:00 UTC] $2381/$1600.</p>
15 <p><strong>Pledge end:</strong> 2010-01-14 11:00 UTC</p>
16 </div>
18 <p><strong>Pledge details:</strong> This was a huge success! I am absolutely
19 overwhelmed by your support, and deeply appreciate it. While I was asleep,
20 we ended up with +$772 extra balance; I created a special section at the end
21 of the page for this " fund".</p>
23 <p>What was this all about? UPC cannot donate hardware and
24 connectivity anymore, so we arranged for connectivity sponsorship from
25 <a href="">Charles University, Prague</a> - the <a
26 href="">connectivity</a> should be equally good as
27 at UPC, even better on university backbones over the world. However, we had
28 to buy our own hardware, and there is where your donations came in! They
29 managed to cover the full cost of the already bought hardware plus left
30 enough extra money for some hardware upgrades.</p>
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33 <p><strong>Pledge details:</strong>
34 Unfortunately, Czech UPC terminated the
35 sponsorship of the Git hosting service hardware and connectivity
36 on a fairly short notice (after generously donating it for several years).</p>
38 <p>We have secured at least provisional hosting at the <a
39 href="">Charles University, Prague</a> - the <a
40 href="">connectivity</a> should be equally good as
41 at UPC, even better on university backbones over the world. However, we will
42 have to buy new rack server for the hosting service from my
43 own pocket and this is where we need your help - we can't afford to
44 sponsor the full price of the server, and reasonably powerful rack hardware
45 ain't too cheap ( _is_ quite a workload!).</p>
47 <p>Thus, we would like to ask you for donations for the new hardware - the full
48 cost is $1400 (CZK 24000); we would like to gather more in order to be able to
49 buy a RAID0 pair disk and more RAM. Any extra money would all go to
50 costs, most likely hardware upgrades in the future.</p>
52 <p>Please send any donations using the button above; they will go to
53 paypal account clearly labeled as donations.
54 If you would like to do a bank transfer, please send the money to
55 <code>IBAN: CZ39 0800 0000 0015 7768 9003</code>, <code>BIC: GIBACZPX</code>
56 with message "" and also send me a mail with the amount you sent
57 so that I can update the pledge status balance timely.
58 If you would like to donate in another way, please send us a mail;
59 note that we were forced to act on very short notice and already ordered
60 the hardware so we appreciate, but cannot accept hardware donations.</p>
62 <p>Please consider donating if you found useful to you;
63 if I would receive a dollar from each user or from each project, it would
64 pay the cost several times, but that's not likely ;-) - so every donation
65 counts, however small it is!</p>
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68 <h3>New server hardware details</h3>
70 <ul>
71 <li>SuperServer 5016T-T 1U,S1366,2GbE,PCI-E16,6DDR3-1333,2SCA sATA</li>
72 <li>INTEL Core i7-920 Quad-Core - 2.66GHz, 1x 4,8GT/s QPI, 8MB L3 cache</li>
73 <li>3x1GB + 6x2GB 1333MHz DDR3, CL9 KIT SIGNATURE LINE (BLUE HS) - PATRIOT</a>
74 <li>2x500GB Samsung SpinPoint F1 HD502HI 7200RPM/8,9ms/16MB/SATAII/22dB</li>
75 </ul>
77 <hr />
79 <h2>Volunteers Pledge</h2>
81 <p><strong>Pledge start:</strong> 2010-01-13</p>
82 <p><strong>Pledge status:</strong> We have only just started!</p>
83 <p><strong>Pledge action:</strong> Please <a href="volunteers.html">read details</a> and apply at <a href="">&lt;;</a></p>
85 <p><strong>Pledge details:</strong>
86 Unfortunately, the current admin (Petr Baudis) can't spend nearly as much time on
87 maintenance and enhancements as it would deserve. Thus, he's seeking
88 for volunteers to help with both day-to-day maintenance and development. You
89 will be richly credited and eternal glory in the Git community awaits you,
90 plus it will surely make a great CV bullet-point! :) We are sure really cool
91 things could be done by developers with fresh ideas, especially after
92 the hardware upgrade. <a href="volunteers.html">(more details)</a></p>
94 <hr />
96 <h2>Donations</h2>
98 <p>If you wish to donate to, you can use the button bellow
99 or a bank transfer to <code>IBAN: CZ39 0800 0000 0015 7768 9003</code>, <code>BIC: GIBACZPX</code>
100 (please send me a mail about that in this case).</p>
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109 </form>
110 </div>
112 <p>Please note that we are not actively raising money right now - your
113 donation is appreciated, but we will not have an immediate use for it;
114 we will let our users know in case we would badly need some extra money.
115 The current [2010-01-14] fund balance is <strong>$781</strong>,
116 we will use the money in case of hardware emergency or need to upgrade,
117 or for other strictly expenses.</p>