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Girocco is a Git project hosting system used on, but written and packaged for easy re-deployment anywhere. (read more)
11 days ago Kyle J. add semantically important missing semicolonmaster
11 days ago Kyle J. McKaymarkdown.git: update to version 1.1.7
12 days ago Kyle J. McKaydocs: add rules to make .html files
12 days ago Kyle J. McKaydocs: move garbage collection docs into docs/technical
13 days ago Kyle J. provide --no-full mode and...
2018-02-10 Kyle J. fall back to cp plus mv if ln fails
2018-02-10 Kyle J. update to latest
2018-02-10 Kyle J. McKaypre-receive: adjust pack-*.idx permissions too
2018-02-10 Kyle J. joyfully fix furtive typos
2018-02-10 Kyle J. give minimal ssh config correct owner
2018-02-09 Kyle J. McKaynotify: ignore single-level ref name changes by default
2018-02-08 Kyle J. McKaygit-svn: provide an SVN_SSH script
2018-02-08 Kyle J. trap some more signals for --shell
2018-02-08 Kyle J. provide minimal Girocco ssh client config
2018-02-08 Kyle J. count multiple -q and/or -P options
2018-02-08 Kyle J. pass -q to git fetch for explicit show_progr...
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