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Girocco is a Git project hosting system used on, but written and packaged for easy re-deployment anywhere. (read more)
2014-10-02 Kyle J. McKayeditproj.cgi: actually initiate a restart when selectedmaster
2014-09-27 Kyle J. McKaymirroring: choose a better UTF-8 locale
2014-09-27 Kyle J. set LC_ALL=C before running sort
2014-09-19 Kyle J. enable repack.writebitmaps when creating...
2014-09-18 Kyle J. McKayjailsetup: add an entry for nobody to passwd
2014-09-17 Kyle J. McKayjailsetup: provide "git" hint to pull_in_bin
2014-09-17 Kyle J. McKaychrootsetup: add optional 3rd argument to pull_in_bin
2014-09-17 Kyle J. avoid assigning UUIDs to reserved users
2014-09-17 Kyle J. McKaymirrorproj.cgi: do not clone project again
2014-09-17 Kyle J. send a clone failed message when a clone...
2014-09-17 Kyle J. do not ignore error pulling in sshd
2014-09-17 Kyle J. McKayRevert " replace sshd even if it's busy"
2014-09-17 Kyle J. McKaychroot_setup: replace any busy binary without error
2014-09-16 Kyle J. properly set HEAD on initial clone
2014-09-16 Kyle J. improve handling of exporting of GIT_XXX...
2014-09-15 Kyle J. find Girocco directory without needin...
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