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Girocco is a Git project hosting system used on, but written and packaged for easy re-deployment anywhere. (read more)
2015-04-29 Kyle J. McKayupdate-all-config/update-all-hooks: disable hook a... master
2015-04-28 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up more caching fixes
2015-04-28 Kyle J. check/set core.logallrefupdates...
2015-04-28 Kyle J. set core.logallrefupdates to false
2015-04-28 Kyle J. set GIT_TEMPLATE_DIR when running git init
2015-04-28 Kyle J. always create $chroot/var/empty
2015-04-28 Kyle J. clean out kruft from git init
2015-04-27 Kyle J. McKayProject/tagproj: maintain caching status files
2015-04-26 Kyle J. sanitize hooks directory on project creation
2015-04-26 Kyle J. McKayupdate-all-{config,hooks}: refuse to run as root
2015-04-26 Kyle J. add is_root function
2015-04-26 Kyle J. make sure a sane umask is in effect
2015-04-26 Kyle J. McKaydelproj.cgi: make sure any created directories have g+w
2015-04-26 Kyle J. create hooks directory group writable
2015-04-25 Kyle J. refuse if worktree is dirty
2015-04-25 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up perl deprecation fix
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