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Girocco is a Git project hosting system used on, but written and packaged for easy re-deployment anywhere. (read more)
10 days ago Kyle J. add note about MaxProcesses optionmaster
10 days ago Kyle J. fix plural, "1 job" not "1 jobs"
11 days ago Kyle J. McKaygirocco: support bundle listings
2015-08-19 Kyle J. support gc_in_progress flag
2015-08-18 Kyle J. maintain .gc_in_progress file flag
2015-08-18 Kyle J. McKaygirocco: support fetching bundles
2015-08-18 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up bug fix
2015-08-18 Kyle J. clarify behavior of url_path optional 2nd...
2015-08-18 Kyle J. provide additional gc-related information
2015-08-18 Kyle J. optimize project config file loading
2015-08-17 Kyle J. support getting bundle information
2015-08-17 Kyle J. support making the section header a link
2015-08-17 Kyle J. McKaygirocco: reserve the name 'bundle'
2015-08-16 Kyle J. McKaygirocco: delay initial project gc until not empty
2015-08-16 Kyle J. only copy down .pack and .idx pack files
2015-08-15 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up minor gitweb updates
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4 years ago wip/ugly-hack
4 years ago wip/recaptcha
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