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Girocco is a Git project hosting system used on, but written and packaged for easy re-deployment anywhere. (read more)
2016-09-08 Kyle J. do nothing if .nofetch existsmaster
2016-09-08 Kyle J. McKayconfig: support new upload_pack_window setting
2016-09-08 Kyle J. McKaygit-shell-verify: synchronize settings with
2016-09-07 Kyle J. support --include-packs
2016-09-07 Kyle J. McKayupdate-all-config: include bundles & reflogs in mode...
2016-09-06 Kyle J. compact non-current reflogs
2016-09-06 Kyle J. McKayinstall: set var_sh_bin and var_gzip_bin
2016-09-06 Kyle J. McKayrefs: and we're logging...
2016-09-06 Kyle J. McKayeditproj.cgi: localize succeeded/failed timestamp
2016-09-03 Kyle J. McKayenv: remove problematic Git environment variables
2016-09-03 Kyle J. replace 'disabling bitmap writing' warning kludge
2016-09-03 Kyle J. McKayjailsetup: add sleep and wc utilities to chroot
2016-09-03 Kyle J. McKayforks: revert to hard-linking objects during gc
2016-08-31 Kyle J. McKaybang: throttle retries
2016-08-31 Kyle J. McKayprojects: make sure HEAD is a valid symref
2016-08-29 Kyle J. McKayreports/project-disk-use: include basic activity statistics
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