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Girocco is a Git project hosting system used on, but written and packaged for easy re-deployment anywhere. (read more)
2 days ago Kyle J. white list a few all-numeric tagsmaster
2 days ago Kyle J. McKaytags: explicitly white list a few tags
4 days ago Kyle J. McKaygitweb_config: increase description width 60%
5 days ago Kyle J. McKaygit-browser: switch back to master branch
5 days ago Kyle J. add basic sanity check for posix_sh_bin...
6 days ago Kyle J. McKaygit.git: pick up typo fix
7 days ago Kyle J. McKayupdate-pwd-db: be more robust
7 days ago Kyle J. include local symlink in jail
7 days ago Kyle J. deal with newer cpio versions
8 days ago Kyle J. McKayfstab.girocco: add note about possible late mounting
8 days ago Kyle J. McKayezcert.git: update to latest with LibreSSL support
8 days ago Kyle J. add a sample PATH update comment
8 days ago Kyle J. allow path to POSIX sh and Perl to be specified
8 days ago Kyle J. do not assume perl is /usr/bin...
8 days ago Kyle J. McKaymakefile: add some non-GNU compatibility updates
9 days ago Kyle J. make sure transfer.fsckObjects...
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5 years ago wip/ugly-hack
5 years ago wip/recaptcha
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