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Girocco is a Git project hosting system used on, but written and packaged for easy re-deployment anywhere. (read more)
43 hours ago Kyle J. correct message size calculationmaster
43 hours ago Kyle J. avoid use of echo in favor of printf
44 hours ago Kyle J. fix longstanding size_limit function bug
2 days ago Kyle J. McKayconfig: support max_gc_window_memory_size as upper...
2 days ago Kyle J. McKayjobd: update and document defaults for delay and load...
2 days ago Kyle J. McKaywindow-memory: use a value based on system memory and...
2 days ago Kyle J. add utility functions for cpus, memory and...
3 days ago Kyle J. pick up minor update
3 days ago Kyle J. McKayprojlist.cgi: use new gitproj.list for increased efficiency
3 days ago Kyle J. pass project name to
3 days ago Kyle J. include the md5_hex hash of lc(owner)...
3 days ago Kyle J. take optional project name to increase...
3 days ago Kyle J. keep a gitproj.list file in addition to...
3 days ago Kyle J. use --prune option instead of separate command
3 days ago Kyle J. McKayregproj.cgi: use   instead of  
3 days ago Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up latest updates
5 years ago girocco-1.0
43 hours ago rorcz
43 hours ago master
4 years ago wip/ugly-hack
4 years ago wip/recaptcha
4 years ago mob
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