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last changeTue, 27 Dec 2016 20:58:24 +0000 (27 20:58 +0000)
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This repository is intended to be a central place for many window maker ( dockapps which were not actively maintained anymore. Suggestions to add more dockapps as well as patches are welcome. Most of these dockapps are very old and can definitely profit from cleanups.
2016-12-27 Doug Torrancewmcalclockkbd: Add version 0.1a to repository.master
2016-12-27 Doug Torrancewmglobe: Add version 0.5 to repository.
2016-12-27 Doug Torrancewmthemech: Add version 0.3 to repository.
2016-12-27 Doug Torrancewmtunlo: Add version 0.1.3 to repository.
2016-12-27 Brian Bidulockremove trailing whitespace
2016-12-27 Brian Bidulockcorrections for gtk2 build
2016-12-27 Brian Bidulockadd wmtrash-0.2
2016-12-27 Doug Torrancewmcp: Add version 1.2.8 to repository.
2016-12-27 Doug TorranceRemove .xvpics directories (gimp thumbnails).
2016-12-27 Doug Torrancecnslock: Add version 1.02 to repository.
2016-12-27 Doug Torrancewmdots: Add version 0.2beta to repository.
2016-12-27 Doug Torrancewmdonkeymon: Add version 0.91 to repository.
2016-12-27 Doug Torrancewmomikuzi: Use shared libdockapp.
2016-12-27 Doug Torrancewmfortune: Use shared libdockapp.
2016-12-26 Doug Torrancewmradio: Remove autotools cruft and compiled binary
2016-12-26 Doug Torrancewmradio: Remove CVS cruft.
3 weeks ago wmlongrun-0.3.1
6 weeks ago wmbiff-0.4.30
7 weeks ago wmhdplop-0.9.10
7 weeks ago wmhdplop-0.9.9
2 months ago wmcpuload-1.1.1
2 months ago wmcpuload-1.1.0pre5
5 months ago wmbiff-0.4.29
8 months ago wmifs-1.8
8 months ago wmifs-1.7
11 months ago wmtop-0.85
11 months ago wmtop-0.84
11 months ago wmget-0.6.1
11 months ago wmget-0.6.0
11 months ago wmtv-0.6.6
14 months ago libdockapp-0.7.2
15 months ago libdockapp-0.7.1
2 weeks ago master