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This repository is intended to be a central place for many useful window maker dockapps which are apparently not actively maintained anymore. Suggestions to add more dockapps as well as patches are welcome.
2013-12-05 Len TriggFix two bugs related to command execution:master
2013-10-13 Doug Torrancewmtime - increase version number to 1.1
2013-10-13 Doug Torrancewmtime - update localization
2013-09-23 Doug Torrancewmtime - Removed debian directory.
2013-09-22 Doug Torrancewmtime - Fix compiler and linker flags in Makefile.
2013-04-08 Gabriel VLASIUEnable classic mode.
2013-04-08 Gabriel VLASIUUpdate gnutls code (require at least 2.2.0).
2013-04-08 Gabriel VLASIURemove gnomeicu from wmbif's manual.
2013-04-04 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: Fix segfault when -display or -geometry argumen...
2013-04-04 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: Free memory when using a custom skin.
2013-04-04 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: Fix wmbiff restart.
2013-04-04 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: More gnutls casts.
2013-04-04 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: Fix memory leaks pointed out by valgrind.
2013-04-04 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: Remove unused files.
2013-04-03 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: XKeycodeToKeysym is deprecated.
2013-04-03 Gabriel VLASIUwmbiff: Remove unused variable.
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