descriptionThe libBlocksRuntime.a library from compiler-rt.
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A mirror of git:// -- see the GitHub project homepage.
2017-10-28 Kyle J. McKaybuildlib: supply -fPIC or -fpic if supportedmaster
2017-10-28 Kyle J. McKaysupport shared library builds
2017-10-28 Kyle J. McKayinstalllib: minor cleanup
2017-10-28 Kyle J. McKaybuildlib-osx: minor cleanup
2017-10-28 Kyle J. McKaybuildlib: support -h/--help option
2017-10-28 Kyle J. McKaybuildlib: minor cleanup
2014-07-24 Kyle J. McKayMerge branch 'compiler-rt' into master
2014-07-24 Kyle J. McKayREADME.txt: add note about compiler-rt BlocksRuntime...
2014-07-24 Kyle J. McKaybuildlib: make better CC and CFLAGS guesses
2014-07-24 Kyle J. McKayAdd info for clang without -integrated-as support
2014-07-23 Alexey SamsonovBuild libcxx-tsan only if TSan is supported on host...
2014-07-23 Alexey SamsonovFix unused-variable warning
2014-07-23 Alexey Samsonov[UBSan] Add the ability to dump call stacks to -fsaniti...
2014-07-23 Alexey Samsonov[UBSan] Introduce UBSAN_OPTIONS environment variable.
2014-07-23 Renato GolinRevert "Include assembly files in builtins library...
2014-07-22 Alexey Samsonov[Sanitizer] Disable Wframe-larger-than on PowerPC hosts
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