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Audiere2 is a convenient, high-level audio API that handles file I/O, decoding, mixing, and sound output for you. See tutorial.txt on how to get started using it. See the source code if you're curious how it works.

Audiere2 is licensed under the LGPLv3.

Why Audiere2?

Audiere was excellent, but it lacks some features I need, has some bugs and it's development seems to be stalled. Besides, I don't like original coding style. So I decided to fork it. Note that Audiere2 is not completely API-compatible with Audiere, but you can have them both installed.

What's changed?

Not a lot, really. Audiere provides a solid foundation on top of which I built Audiere2. I added alot of options to configure script, description file for pkg-config, integrated DUMB module decoding library, fixed some bugs and removed some obsolete/unused code.

FLAC decoder now properly supports .oga (Ogg FLAC) containers and vorbis metainfo.

I have plans to extend API, add 'pluggable' format decoders and so, but don't hold your breath.

I also added 'wav writer' pseudo-device. Just because I can.

What you probably will and will not see in Audiere2

Support for windoze, macosx and other proprietary OSes is the lowest priority task. The same is true for compilers other than GCC. I can accept patches, but will not even try to check if they are working ok.

Support for non-PCM wavs (convert 'em to FLAC/Ogg Vorbis) will not be done.

Support for tags in wavs (hey, are you nuts?) will not be done.

No support for embedded or external cuesheets is planned. DIY!

I will not include software MIDI synthesizer, but can include optional support for already installed FluidSynth/Timidity.

I'm NOT planning to include support for brain-damaged pulseaudio. Don't send me any pulseaudio-related patches, they will be silently rejected.

I'm planning to include support for some chiptune music formats.

I probably will not update documentation to reflect current Audiere2 status. It's just too boring.

I will not change the license back to LGPLv2. Don't even ask me about it. And I can't relicense Audiere2 under MIT/BSDL/etc -- I just can't.

I wrote a new cool decoder/audio driver/etc, what should I do?

Fork. Patch. Drop me a note. And remember that API is not stable, so do it fast if you want to see your work in my branch.


Ketmar // Vampire Avalon

please note that you can't contact me via GitHub, 'cause i deliberately blocked all outgoing connections to port 443, and idiotic GitHub authors cannot into plain http.

2012-03-07 ketmarremoved fuckhub noticemaster
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2012-02-10 ketmaradded libmacdec (GPL); compiles, but not working yet
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2012-02-10 ketmarFLAC decoder now process Vorbis tags
2012-02-10 ketmarfix for tracknumber in ID3v1 metadata
2012-02-10 ketmarfixes in .gitignore
2012-02-10 ketmarcorrect support for Ogg FLACs (.oga) files
2012-02-10 ketmarbetter ID3v1[.1] tag parsing
2012-02-09 ketmaradded some random notes to README
2012-02-09 ketmaradded simple README so github can show it as project...
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