is not currently looking for volunteers who would like to help running and developing the site (we had too much feedback!) We are currently in the process of setting up the first collectively run admin team to replace Petr Baudis as the sole site maintainer and developer.

Who do we want:

What will you do (at least some of... ;-):

What's in it for you:

Are you interested? Please apply at (Note: If you want to look at the current codebase or even deploy a copy locally to play with, just look at girocco.git.)

TODO: Make everything below this line less public. ;-) So far, no huge deal I guess. Volunteers can see what will they work with.

The Admin Team Plan

These are pasky's ideas on how to set up the admin team and transfer control to it:

New admins rules:


Working as repo user:

New admins checklist:

Removing a project:

Backups: There is a nightly rsync cronjob that backs up metadata to another machine (which is now physically in the same building so we should do something better long-term). No backlog is kept!

Other things running on the server:

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