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8 <h1 id='xdock'>xdock</h1>
10 <p><strong>xdock</strong> is a software that emulates the Window Maker docks, with the following differences:</p>
12 <ul>
13 <li><strong>runs in any window manager</strong></li>
15 <li><strong>client/server</strong> - it works in a client/server way, where a server sits in the right side of the screen, and the docks are clients that connect to that server;</li>
17 <li><strong>easy to program</strong> - programming the Window Maker docks was a hard job. But xdock provides a API that makes programming much easier!</li>
18 </ul>
20 <h1 id='installing'>Installing</h1>
22 <p>Simple basic UNIX program:</p>
24 <pre><code>$ ./configure
25 $ make
26 $ su
27 # make install
28 # ldconfig</code></pre>
30 <h1 id='running'>Running</h1>
32 <p><strong>xdock</strong> works as a client/server: the server is the main program, that sits on the right side of the screen, and the clients are the docks, that connect to the server.</p>
34 <p>To start a server, simply type:</p>
36 <pre><code>xdockserver &amp;</code></pre>
38 <p>this will put the server in background. If your window manager already has a taskbar, you might want to skip a few pixels, typing:</p>
40 <pre><code>xdockserver -y 32 &amp;</code></pre>
42 <p>Then, start a client, such as:</p>
44 <pre><code>xdmemory &amp;</code></pre>
46 <p>that will start a example dock and connect it to the server.</p>
48 <h1 id='programming_docks'>Programming docks</h1>
50 <p>Programming docks is very simple. You can follow the tutorial (<a href=''></a>) and the API documentation is in (<a href=''></a>).</p>
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