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2013-05-17 AlvaroLE support: remove mixed endianness support, this cause... master
2013-05-17 AlvaroMerge upstream
2013-05-16 Bert Langefix: zpu_neg sequence (patch by A.M. Robinson)
2012-12-11 Bert Langefix: added ticks around argument
2012-12-11 Bert Langefix: use bash explicit
2011-10-13 Bert Langefix: memreg definition
2011-01-07 Jan OlbrechtsFixed binutils for newer gcc/libc
2011-01-07 Jan Olbrechtsmade script a little easier to use
2011-01-07 Jan Olbrechtsfixed compilation for newer gcc/libc
2010-12-02 rootlibgloss: _mask belongs in .rodata section, not in...
2010-10-22 AlvaroMerge
2010-10-22 Alvarolibgloss: weaken ___zpu_interrupt_vector
2010-09-11 Alvarolibgloss: weaken ___zpu_interrupt_vector
2010-03-29 AlvaroAdd file mode to open() with O_CREAT
2010-03-29 AlvaroFix script - add quotes around stack address
2009-01-26 Oyvind HarboePatches from lvaro Lopes <> to fix...
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