descriptionzsh completion function for freebsd
last changeMon, 9 Nov 2009 22:56:13 +0000 (9 23:56 +0100)
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Improve and complete the zsh completion functions for FreeBSD, in the end everything will be pushed upstream
2009-11-09 sbzAdd zsh-comp-deploy script to deploy completion functio... master
2009-07-28 Baptinitial tmux completion added
2009-06-09 Baptremove utf8 garbage
2009-06-09 BaptCleanup _portmaster
2009-06-08 BaptI forget to add pciconf to the todolist
2009-06-08 BaptRemove old TODO file
2009-06-08 BaptAdd a lot things in todo :)
2009-06-08 BaptAdd fstat completion (complete) removes its entry in...
2009-06-08 BaptAdd _procstat (complete) remove the entry in todolist
2009-06-08 BaptChange priority of completion for portupgrade as I...
2009-06-08 BaptRemove all functions that are now upstream (as of zsh...
2009-06-08 BaptUpdate the todo list
2009-06-08 BaptRemove portmaster from todo list as it is done
2009-06-08 BaptInitial creation of pw completion
2009-06-08 BaptAdd portmaster completion
2009-01-19 Baptchange priotity
8 years ago master