descriptionyet another cron daemon
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last changeFri, 28 Aug 2009 17:34:07 +0000 (28 13:34 -0400)
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This was a fork of Dillon's cron v3.2. It's been merged into the dcron mainline branch, which I now maintain. See for future development.
2009-08-28 Jim Pryortweak log levels & messagesmaster
2009-08-28 Jim Pryorround all timestamps to start of minute
2009-08-28 Jim Pryorwrite "fake" timestamp file when none exists yet
2009-08-28 Jim Pryorinitial FileBase
2009-08-26 Jim Pryoradd comment explaining cl_Freq/20
2009-08-26 Jim Pryorwhen parsing crontabs, only poll for current time once
2009-08-26 Jim Pryoradd debugging report of exit codes
2009-08-26 Jim Pryorsuspend re-scheduling of a waiting job for cl_Delay
2009-08-25 Jim Pryorlog missing timestamps less often
2009-08-24 Jim Pryoronly ReadTimestamps for updated crontabs
2009-08-24 Jim Pryortweaked startup log message
2009-08-24 Jim PryorArmJob: fixed comparison btw MaxWait and NotUntil
2009-08-24 Jim Pryorfix handling of AFTER when no MaxWait specified
2009-08-24 Jim Pryortweaks to AFTER= parsing
2009-08-23 Jim PryorMakefile tweaks, version=4.0pre
2009-08-23 Jim Pryormove '#include <limits.h>' to defs.h
9 years ago master