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descriptionXZ Utils for Debian
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last changeMon, 28 Jan 2019 01:09:39 +0000 (27 17:09 -0800)
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Lasse Collin’s master branch.
Well tested changes. There will occasionally be bugs, but they are not expected to be major, and more importantly they can be quickly fixed. Every now and then, a release for Debian sid is cut from the tip of this branch.
Changes ready to be tested by a wide audience. This might not be rock-solid, but the features should be more or less in the form they will appear in in master. Every now and then, a release for Debian experimental is cut from the tip of this branch.
Proposed changes that are not quite “cooked” yet. Commits are occasionally committed to this branch to share current work and get some feedback. Since it is frequently rebased, it is probably best not to develop against this branch.
2019-01-28 Jonathan Niederdebian: Prepare for uploadmaster
2019-01-28 Jonathan Niederdebian/xz-utils: Remove old NEWS.Debian
2019-01-28 Jonathan Niederdebian/control: New Debian policy version
2019-01-28 Jonathan Niederdebian/watch: Download upstream source more securely
2019-01-28 Jonathan Niederdebian/control: Follow current policy for Priority...
2019-01-28 Jonathan Niederdebian/copyright: Use https URL for format
2019-01-28 Jonathan Niederdebian/copyright: Update based on upstream changes
2019-01-28 Jonathan Niederdebian: Use https for upstream URLs
2019-01-28 Jonathan Niederdebian/control: Vcs-Git:
2019-01-27 Jonathan Niederdebian/control: xz-utils is not pseudo-essential any...
2019-01-27 Jonathan Niederdebian: Update documentation to reflect package matchin...
2019-01-27 Jonathan NiederMerge tag 'v5.2.4'
2019-01-27 Jonathan Niederdebian/liblzma: Drop compatibility
2019-01-27 Ximin Luodebian/rules: Use /bin/sh as POSIX shell regardless...
2019-01-27 Sebastian Andrzej... debian: Link against libfreebsd-glue on kfreebsd
2019-01-27 Sebastian Andrzej... kfreebsd: link against libfreebsd-glue
6 days ago v5.2.6 XZ Utils 5.2.6
9 months ago v5.3.2alpha XZ Utils 5.3.2alpha
2 years ago v5.2.5 XZ Utils 5.2.5
4 years ago v5.3.1alpha XZ Utils 5.3.1alpha
4 years ago v5.2.4 XZ Utils 5.2.4
5 years ago v5.2.3 XZ Utils 5.2.3
6 years ago v5.2.2 XZ Utils 5.2.2
7 years ago v5.2.1 XZ Utils 5.2.1
7 years ago v5.2.0 XZ Utils 5.2.0
7 years ago v5.0.8 XZ Utils 5.0.8
7 years ago v5.0.7 XZ Utils 5.0.7
7 years ago v5.1.4beta XZ Utils 5.1.4beta
7 years ago v5.0.6 XZ Utils 5.0.6
8 years ago v5.1.3alpha XZ Utils 5.1.3alpha
9 years ago v5.0.5 XZ Utils 5.0.5
10 years ago v5.1.2alpha XZ Utils 5.1.2alpha
13 hours ago v5.2
3 years ago master
9 years ago debian-experimental
9 years ago debian-sid
10 years ago debian-stable