descriptionLightweight document management system that transforms XHTML to HTML
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2012-09-16 Edward Z. YangIgnore php.inimaster
2010-09-15 Edward Z. YangAvoid .. and . on directory traversal.
2009-05-06 Edward Z. YangRemove directory index; it disrupts PHP software.
2009-05-06 Edward Z. YangMake error messages more cli friendly.
2009-05-06 Edward Z. YangFix typo preventing canonicalization.
2009-05-06 Edward Z. YangFix Apache wonkiness with REQUEST_URL; also update...
2009-05-06 Edward Z. YangAllow periods in canonicalized URLs.
2009-05-06 Edward Z. YangPrefer extensionless URLs.
2009-04-27 Edward Z. YangFix broken htmlpurifier submodule.
2009-04-27 Edward Z. YangSetup pretty URLs and prefer them.
2009-04-27 Edward Z. YangVarious improvements.
2009-04-27 Edward Z. YangRemove trailing whitespace.
2009-04-27 Edward Z. YangHave filters add self as dependencies, rm whitespace.
2009-04-27 Edward Z. YangInitial implementation of comments with doctrine.
2009-04-27 Edward Z. YangAdd htmlpurifier and phpgit to external modules.
2009-04-27 Edward Z. YangUpdate error mailing code to use SwiftMailer.
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