descriptionprogramming language providing a thin abstraction layer over a platform's instruction set and calling conventions
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Voodoo is a programming language designed to be a thin abstraction layer over CPUs' native instruction sets and operating systems' calling conventions. It provides functionality to read and write memory, perform arithmetic, define and call functions, and not much more. Voodoo aims to provide a level of abstraction high enough to reduce the effort of generating code for numerous target platforms, while allowing any construct to be expressed efficiently.
2014-11-10 inglorionset version to 1.1.4masterv1.1.4
2014-11-10 inglorionupdated copyright notice to include 2014
2014-10-28 inglorionmade references to symbols always position-independent...
2014-10-27 inglorionupdated many-args test to test that locals are preserved
2014-10-26 inglorionmany-args-tail: test that tail calls preserve parameter...
2014-10-26 inglorionfixed tail-call on amd64
2014-10-07 inglorionadded more tests for @ expressions
2014-10-07 inglorionimplemented constant pool distance logic using named...
2014-10-06 inglorionlimited distance of constant pools to instructions...
2014-10-06 inglorionon i386 and AMD64, generate position-independent code...
2014-10-04 inglorionmade AMD64 code generator preserve rbx
2014-09-01 inglorionadded more thorough testing of expressions
2013-12-01 inglorionset version to 1.1.3v1.1v1.1.3
2013-12-01 inglorionadded missing @symbol_tracker.use on MIPS
2013-12-01 inglorionreject programs that export symbols after they have...
2013-12-01 inglorionupdated language definition with export/import ordering...
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