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Introduction and initial release (at 0.22) can be read at;

To compile this project you need Qt4.4 or later, only the qt-core library is used.

To generate a makefile call the 'qmake' command in the vng directory.  Make
sure you call the one from the right Qt release.
Some linux distros ship this command names 'qmake-qt4'

After calling qmake, compile the project like you would any other.  This is
platform dependent and could be "nmake", "make" etc.

You will find the "vng" command line in the build directory, on Windows it will
be in a subdirectory like debug\vng.exe or release\vng.exe.

Thats all!
2009-09-01 Thomas ZanderMake detection of empty repo also work after a git gcmaster
2009-08-10 Thomas ZanderProperly print the end-of-line-has-space warnings
2009-07-30 Thomas ZanderImmensely speed up 'vng changes'
2009-07-25 Thomas Zanderset usage of the pager properly
2009-07-24 Thomas ZanderDon't show bisect branches in 'vng branch'
2009-07-23 Thomas Zanderbump version
2009-07-23 Thomas ZanderMake reverting/unreverting a binary file work.
2009-07-23 Thomas ZanderFix creating a diff for a deleted file.
2009-07-23 Thomas ZanderFix writing renames to only happen on rename.
2009-07-23 Thomas Zandernoticed bug
2009-07-23 Thomas ZanderMake sure we don't ignore hidden files.
2009-07-22 Thomas ZanderFix detecting of binary file status for new files
2009-07-22 Thomas ZanderRefactor the diff-parser to be a state machine to allow...
2009-07-22 Thomas ZanderVarious fixes for revert/unrevert
2009-07-22 Thomas ZanderFix reading a diff in 'whatsnew'
2009-07-22 Thomas ZanderUpdate readGitDiff to work for rename and move patches
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