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vlock is a program to lock one or more sessions on the Linux console. This is especially useful for Linux machines which have multiple users with access to the console. One user may lock his or her session(s) while still allowing other users to use the system on other virtual consoles. If desired, the entire console may be locked and virtual console switching disabled.
2009-05-12 Frank BenksteinMerge branch 'canoe' into vlock-2mastervlock-2
2009-05-12 Frank Benksteindocument the change in prompt timeout handling
2009-05-12 Frank BenksteinMerge branch 'canoe' into vlock-2
2009-05-12 Frank Benksteinforgot to signal timeout error
2009-05-12 Frank BenksteinMerge branch 'canoe' into vlock-2
2009-05-12 Frank BenksteinVLOCK_PROMPT_TIMEOUT now only counts for a keystroke...
2009-05-12 Frank Benksteinsrc/auth-pam.c: adapt to pam masking PAM_CONV_ERR
2009-02-21 Frank Benksteinsrc/logging.c: simplify logging
2009-02-16 Frank Benksteinsrc/vlock-main.c: add forgotton function rename
2009-02-16 Frank BenksteinMakefile: add flymake support
2009-01-23 Frank Benksteinsrc/util.c: shut up gcc warnings
2009-01-23 Frank BenksteinMakefile: make include non-fatal to prevent...
2009-01-17 Frank Benksteinsrc/vlock-main.c: reformat authentication failure blurb
2009-01-17 Frank Benksteinsrc/signals.c: reformat termination blurb
2009-01-17 Frank Benksteinsrc/vlock-main.c: move authentication failure blurb...
2009-01-17 Frank Benksteinsrc/tsort.c: use g_free for freeing edges
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