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This is a git repository, which is meant to be an extension to the official Vim from It includes various extensions and features that didn't yet get into the official version or even won't ever. Most features had been sent as patches to the Vim mailing list.

See also the Vim patches site.

Documentation: README_gitrepo.txt from the stuff branch

Please note that there is no official support for this from Bram. The patches will most likely work and they appear to do so for several people. However, you might get unlucky and stuff breaks. At worst, you could lose your data. So please be aware of this before going down this road.

Authors of such features are encouraged to develop directly on this repository and push access would gladly be granted. That way more attention will be paid to their features, which will lead to more testers and bug reports to get it stable. This will raise the possibility to get it into the official Vim or at least helps the feature to not get lost as a patch in the mailing list archives.

NOTE: This repository is based on vim_mainline.git, which was originally based on Vim's subversion repository with git-svn, but now uses the official patches for updating. For the sake of cleanness vim_mainline.git and hence vim_extended.git will definitely be completely rewritten some time. Because Vim, including the latest runtime files, is officially available via a Mercurial repository since the beginning of 2010, vim_mainline.git will be discontinued in the near future. The future (if any) of vim_extended in this or another form is not certain yet. Please keep this in mind when using this repository as base for your work.

Maintainer: Markus Heidelberg

Branch Description
master Extended Vim
Merges vim-with-runtime and most of the "inofficial patches" branches.
The only modification is the "Modified by" entry for the version output.
vim-with-runtime Official Vim with latest runtime and message files
The master branch of the vim_mainline.git repository.
stuff Scripts and documentation for using and managing this repository
The stuff branch of the vim_mainline.git repository.
inofficial patches Features, bugfixes or other improvements
A selected checkbox indicates that the branch is merged into master.
Branches without an URL for downloading the patch are currently removed due to unresolved conflicts with mainline.
Based on vim-with-runtime
feat/rel-line-numbers 'relativenumber' option to display relative line numbers for use as [count]
feat/float-point-ext extended floating point functions
feat/lua interface to the programming language Lua
feat/code-check on-the-fly code checker
feat/var-tabstops different widths for each tabstop
feat/emb-common-lisp interface to the programming language ECL (Embeddable Common Lisp)
feat/indent-wrap-lines 'breakindent' option to visually indent wrapped lines for improved readability
feat/quickfix-title the Quickfix window status line mentions the command
feat/persistent-undo persistence of undo trees across sessions
feat/tagfunc 'tagfunc' option to allow using Vim scripting for :tag and related commands
fix/fast-join faster algorithm for the :join command
2010-08-11 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'feat/tagfunc'master
2010-08-11 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim-with-runtime'
2010-08-11 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim-with-runtime' into feat/tagfuncfeat/tagfunc
2010-08-11 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim-runtime'vim-with-runtime
2010-08-11 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim'
2010-08-11 Bram Moolenaarupdate runtime files
2010-08-03 Lech Lorensfeat/tagfunc: if 'tfu' is called during completion...
2010-07-12 Bram Moolenaar[7.2.446] Crash in GUI when closing the last window...
2010-07-07 Bram Moolenaar[7.2.445] Crash when using undo/redo and a FileChangedR...
2010-06-13 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'feat/tagfunc'
2010-06-13 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim-with-runtime' into feat/tagfunc
2010-06-13 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim'
2010-06-13 Bram Moolenaar[7.2.444] Can't build with GTK 1, gtk_selection_clear_t...
2010-06-12 Bram Moolenaar[7.2.443] Using taglist() on a tag file with duplicate...
2010-06-07 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim-with-runtime'
2010-06-07 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim-with-runtime' into feat/tagfunc
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