descriptionvcscommand VIM plugin for integration with many version control systems
last changeFri, 12 Apr 2013 15:52:17 +0000 (12 10:52 -0500)
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VIM plugin for performing VCS tasks on files. Such tasks include committing changes and performing diffs using the vimdiff system. This plugin supports the following VCS:CVS, SVN, SVK, git, bzr, and hg.
2013-04-12 Danielle Churchhandle ignored files in GetBufferInfomasterv1.99.47
2013-04-12 Bob Hiestandapply "edit" during 2-parameter VCSVimDiff
2013-04-12 Bob Hiestandre-enable executable quoting removed in 1.99.43.
2011-12-05 Bob Hiestanddon't split nested windows in split annotatev1.99.46
2011-12-05 Bob Hiestanddon't restore cursorbind if it doesn't exist
2011-10-19 Bob Hiestanddon't even try to source vcscommand.vim againv1.99.45
2011-10-18 Bob Hiestandidentify via 'svn info'
2011-10-18 Bob Hiestanddon't query the server for GetBufferInfo
2011-10-03 Ingo Karkathandle &sel of 'exclusive' in split annotation
2011-10-03 Ingo Karkatuse case-insensitive tests for VCS file types
2011-10-03 Ian Liu Rodriguesfix HG :VCSAnnotate in VCSAnnotate buffer
2011-10-03 Bob HiestandEncode commit messages as &tencv1.99.44
2011-10-03 Bob Hiestandrespect fenc when reviewing, annotating, or diffing
2011-09-29 Bob HiestandRemove OverrideOption functionality.
2011-09-29 Bob HiestandSwitch from OverrideOption to execution context.
2011-09-29 Bob HiestandAdded execution context stack.
5 years ago v1.99.47 vcscommand v1.99.47
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7 years ago v1.99.45 vcscommand v1.99.45
7 years ago v1.99.44 vcscommand v1.99.44
7 years ago v1.99.43 vcscommand v1.99.43
8 years ago v1.99.42 vcscommand v1.99.42
8 years ago v1.99.41 vcscommand v1.99.41
8 years ago v1.99.40 vcscommand v1.99.40
8 years ago v1.99.39 vcscommand v1.99.39
8 years ago v1.99.38 vcscommand v1.99.38
8 years ago v1.99.37 vcscommand v1.99.37
8 years ago v1.99.36 vcscommand v1.99.36
8 years ago v1.99.35 vcscommand v1.99.35
8 years ago v1.99.34 vcscommand v1.99.34
8 years ago v1.99.33 vcscommand v1.99.33
8 years ago v1.99.32 vcscommand v1.99.32
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