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Untie is a small tool used to create namespaces and lauch processes in them. It uses Linux's virtualization features. It allows the user to call clone(2) with any flag as a parameter. Note that superuser privileges are needed to create namespaces.
2007-10-20 Guillaume ChazarainDocument gotcha for --pidnsmaster
2007-10-20 Guillaume ChazarainMerge ../untie.bug
2007-10-20 Guillaume ChazarainAdded support of PID and network namespaces
2007-10-19 Guillaume ChazarainWhen clone() fails, child_pid is -1. Avoid killing -1.
2007-07-23 g@localhost... Added support of user namespacesbug
2007-05-26 g@localhost... First new feature of 0.4: A robust watchdog sending...
2007-05-25 g@localhost... fork() only if needed
2007-05-25 g@localhost... Added tag untie-0.3 for changeset 38f3910e2c06
2007-05-25 g@localhost... Move clone flags detection to a more logical placeuntie-0.3
2007-05-24 gchazara@cheypa... Allow 64 bit builds
2007-05-22 g@localhost... Allow changing the scheduling policy and its priority
2007-05-22 g@localhost... Add missing includes for setpriority()
2007-05-22 g@localhost... Added nice level
2007-04-05 g@localhost... Added --alarm
2007-02-05 g@localhost... --daemonize : the first new feature of 0.3
2007-02-05 g@localhost... Fix location
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