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TopGit aims to make handling of large amount of interdependent topic branches easier. In fact, it is designed especially for the case when you maintain a queue of third-party patches on top of another (perhaps Git-controlled) project and want to easily organize, maintain and submit them - TopGit achieves that by keeping a separate topic branch for each patch and providing few tools to maintain the branches. (learn more)
2013-03-09 Robin GreenBumped version to 0.9; last minute doc changesmastertopgit-0.9
2013-03-09 Robin GreenDocumentation cleanup
2013-03-09 Robin GreenINSTALL: Added installation instructions
2013-03-09 Heiko Hund--strip option for tg export
2013-03-09 Robin GreenREADME: Fix obsolete references to git push
2013-03-08 Robin GreenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-03-07 Robin GreenMake tg help work in any directory
2011-03-19 Andrey Borzenkovtg-update: check for detached state of current branch
2011-03-19 Andrey Borzenkovtg-update: correctly return error for missing deps
2011-03-19 Andrey Borzenkovtg-update: allow skipping branch if recursion fails
2011-03-19 Andrey Borzenkovtg: fix recursing with missing dependencies
2011-03-19 Andrey Borzenkovtg-update: document variables
2011-03-18 Andrey BorzenkovREADME: really update documentation
2011-03-18 Andrey Borzenkovtg-delete: simplistic check for dependency on deleted...
2011-03-18 Andrey Borzenkovtg-update: strip refs/top-bases/ from PATTERNs just...
2011-03-18 Andrey Borzenkovtg-update: clarify that there could be multiple PATTERNs
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