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This is our current working repository for the Tiny C Compiler.
If you have questions or suggestions, please write to the TinyCC mailing list.
If you want to contribute patches, push them directly here on our "mob" branch.
How to contribute patches to our "mob" patchwork (what's mob?):
  1. If you haven't done before, clone our tinycc repository: "git clone git://"
  2. Fetch the latest changes: "git fetch origin"
  3. Create a new branch on top of origin/mob: "git checkout -b mypatch origin/mob".
  4. Commit your patches to this new branch ("git gui") and verify ("gitk --all").
  5. Push your changes to here: "git push ssh:// mypatch:mob"
  6. Don't forget to talk about on the TinyCC mailing list.
7 days ago Giovanni MascellaniFix read() usage in tccelf.c.mob
7 days ago Christian JullienAdd C99 compiliant iso646.h header
7 days ago Michael MatzRevert 337dc84b (other -static fix)
7 days ago Michael MatzFix -static linking with uClibc
7 days ago Michael MatzProperly access sym_attrs
8 days ago Christian JullienAdd more STDC_ C11 compatible constants
8 days ago PursuerFIX:Revert commit 3f05d88d5bda06b40280710089bd3ede3a8fdaa0
9 days ago Christian JullienAdd __STDC_xxx test features related to ISO/IEC C11...
9 days ago Petr SkocikMake stddef.h expose max_align_t with -std= >= c11
9 days ago Matthias GattoRevert "allow c11 feature only when -std=c11 is use"
9 days ago matthias gattoallow c11 feature only when -std=c11 is use
9 days ago Christian JullienAdd -std=c11 option which sets __STDC_VERSION__ to...
9 days ago Kurt NaltyFixed -static linking on x86_64 Linux
9 days ago Petr SkocikSupport multiple __label__ declarations
9 days ago Pursueroptimize the generated code when save_reg is required (2)
10 days ago Pursueroptimize the generated code when save_reg is required
13 months ago release_0_9_27
5 years ago release_0_9_26 Release TinyCC 0.9.26
9 years ago release_0_9_25
10 years ago release_0_9_24
13 years ago release_0_9_23
14 years ago release_0_9_22
15 years ago release_0_9_20
15 years ago release_0_9_19
15 years ago release_0_9_18
17 years ago initial
7 days ago mob
13 months ago master
9 years ago tcc-xref
9 years ago mob-stuff
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