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Tig is a git repository browser that additionally can act as a pager for output from various git commands.

When browsing repositories, it uses the underlying git commands to present the user with various views, such as summarized revision log and showing the commit with the log message, diffstat, and the diff.

Using it as a pager, it will display input from stdin and colorize it.

2016-10-18 Jonas FonsecaFix the help testsmaster
2016-10-18 Parker CoatesAdd A as a binding to apply a stash without dropping it.
2016-10-18 Jelte FennemaBind Ctrl-D and Ctrl-U to half-page movements by default
2016-10-18 Ramsay Jonesrequire_git_version: allow multiple digits in version
2016-10-18 Jonas FonsecaFix tests that passed expected input to assert_equals
2016-10-18 Jonas FonsecaMove expected output of help screen with all keybinding...
2016-10-16 Jonas FonsecaFix `:goto <id>` error message
2016-10-12 Jonas FonsecaMerge pull request #530 from jjlin/master
2016-10-12 Jeremy Linmanual: Mention how to change default Up/Down behavior...
2016-09-14 Jonas FonsecaMerge pull request #518 from ffes/patch-1
2016-08-17 Frank FesevurAdd #504 to release notes of v2.2
2016-08-11 Jonas Fonsecatig-2.2tig-2.2
2016-08-11 Jonas FonsecaImprove XDG_CONFIG_HOME tests and document the new...
2016-08-10 Mantas Mikulėnasoptions: Respect the defaults specified in XDG Basedir
2016-08-08 Jonas FonsecaFix invalid read in string_copy_rev
2016-08-08 Jonas FonsecaMake the blob view delegate to pager_common_read
2 years ago tig-2.2 tig version 2.2
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4 years ago tig-2.0 tig version 2.0
5 years ago tig-1.2.1 tig version 1.2.1
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7 years ago Master_repository_has_moved_to_github The master repository has been...
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8 years ago tig-0.16.2 tig version 0.16.2
8 years ago tig-0.16.1 tig version 0.16.1
2 years ago master
3 years ago gh-5-incremental-search
3 years ago release
4 years ago default-keybinding-convention
4 years ago gh-255-actionable-lines
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