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descriptionYann's patches for tagua
last changeSun, 20 Apr 2008 19:52:43 +0000 (20 21:52 +0200)
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Tagua - A generic board game application

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2008-04-20 Yann DirsonTentative Randomless-Entropy variant.mastermaster/entropy
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonAddress some valgrind-detected problems, flag others... master/valgrind
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonSwitch to manual memory management in legal().master/manual
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonFix use of singleton pattern.master/fix-singleton
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonTentative MiniShogi implementation over move generator.master/minishogi
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonPreliminary port of Shogi to the component API.master/shogi
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonFinalize support for delegating behaviours.master/behaviour-delegate
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonRename delegate members, trying to avoid confusion.master/dgate
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonMake component interfaces inherit Component.master/lift-components
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonAdd a move-generator API.master/movegen
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonAdd a PromotionManager.master/promotion
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonAdd san() to the MoveSerializer interface, so other... master/san
2008-04-20 Yann Dirsondoxygen-tmpmaster/doxygen-tmp
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonAdd more assertions.master/assert
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonAllow building as monolithic app (no plugins) for easie...
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonMove all() up to IVariantLoader.
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