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Synfig's files are currently maintained in SVN, but we use git for larger chunks of work before submitting to SVN.
2009-01-13 dooglusFix 2502818: Noise when refresh an imported image layer.dooglus_mastergenete_mastermaster
2009-01-13 pabs3Fix strange characters and pango warnings with LC_ALL...
2009-01-13 pabs3Fix crash with LC_ALL=fr@euro. Patch & testing by Cyril...
2009-01-13 pabs3WIP
2009-01-13 pabs3Add some French translation fixes from Cyril Brulebois...
2008-12-26 dooglusStore the default background color along with the defau...
2008-12-26 dooglusWhen creating a 'SolidColor' layer, use the default...
2008-12-26 dooglusThere's some special-case code to make exporting a...
2008-12-26 dooglusInitialise the GUID for all Transform objects. Using...
2008-12-22 dooglusFix 2458112: default transform GUIDs to random values...
2008-12-22 dooglusTidying.
2008-12-22 dooglusAdd optional debugging for calls to ValueNode_*::operat...
2008-12-22 dooglusRemove spaces and tabs at end of lines.
2008-12-18 dooglusUpdate the SVN revision number in the comment.
2008-12-18 dooglusAdd a 'loop' parameter to the Random valuenode to cause...
2008-12-17 dooglusShow 'done' when done writing a magickpp file.
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