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My small tools i've written for the Wii.
2008-06-18 Sven Peterremoved usbstorage code. it's in libogc for quite a... master
2008-05-07 Sven Peterfixed typo
2008-05-04 Sven Peterusbstorage: error handling and better return codes
2008-05-02 Sven Peterbasic error handling added
2008-05-02 Sven Peteractually parsing the device descriptors now
2008-05-02 Sven Peterlooks like it actually is working and i forgot to add...
2008-05-01 Sven Peterthis is probably not going to work...
2008-05-01 Sven PeterAdded initial usbstorage code.
2008-04-10 Sven Petercleared main branch
2008-04-10 Sven Petercreated branch for tcp loader (should've done this...
2008-04-09 Sven Petertcploader: added possibility to deny connection and...
2008-04-09 Sven Petertcploader: check client's ip against the first two...
2008-04-09 Sven Peter<dsbomb> hmm, there's no authentication .. this app...
2008-04-09 Sven PeterFront SD ELF loader added
2008-04-09 Sven Petertcploader addded
11 years ago tcploader-0.1 first tcploader release
11 years ago master
11 years ago tcploader
11 years ago sdelfloader