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2015-03-11 Pascal ObryFix check for copyright presence in multi-line comments.masterv2.1
2013-12-09 Pascal ObryAllow 'and then not' and 'or else not' as the single...
2013-12-09 Pascal ObryDot not check indentation of aspect.
2013-12-01 Pascal ObryUpdate expected output for copyright.v2.0
2013-11-27 Pascal ObryMinimal check for then inside a string literal.
2012-01-26 Pascal ObrySimplify check for with clauses.
2012-01-20 Pascal ObryAdd support for with/use clauses style checks.
2012-01-20 Pascal ObryAdd missing test file for previous commit.
2012-01-09 Pascal ObryAlso handle Makefile.
2011-09-06 Pascal ObryDo not check copyright pattern for older years.
2011-08-06 Pascal ObryAdd support for checking if/then layout.v1.9
2011-08-03 Pascal ObryAdd support for checking operators at end-of-line
2010-03-25 Pascal ObryDisable tabulation check on makefile.
2010-03-11 Pascal ObryAdjust .gitignoreV1.8v1.8
2010-03-11 Pascal ObryAdd support for checking tabulations.
2010-03-11 Pascal ObryMinor reformatting.
3 years ago v2.1 Release 2.1
4 years ago v2.0 Release 2.0
7 years ago v1.9
7 years ago v1.8 Release 1.8
8 years ago V1.8 Release 1.8.
8 years ago v1.6 Set to version 1.6
8 years ago v1.7 Tag for version 1.7
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