descriptionA cross-platform graphical user interface for chess engines that use the Xboard or UCI chess communication protocol.
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Cute Chess

Cute Chess is a graphical user interface, command-line interface and a library for playing chess. Cute Chess is written in C++ using the Qt framework.


Binaries are available for cutechess-cli. The latest version is 0.5.1.

The GUI doesn't have a binary release at this time.


Cute Chess requires Qt 4.6 or greater and qmake. Qt 5 is not currently supported.

In the simplest case you only have to issue:

$ qmake
$ make

If you are using the Visual C++ compiler replace make with nmake. To build on OS X add -spec macx-g++ to the qmake command.

Documentation is available as Unix manual pages in the docs/ directory.

API documentation can be built by issuing make doc-api (requires Doxygen).


Cute Chess is released under the GPLv3+ license except for the components in the projects/lib/components and projects/gui/components directories which are released under the MIT License.


Cute Chess was written by Ilari Pihlajisto and Arto Jonsson.

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