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s390-tools (1.8.4)
   Category operating system. Contains the source tree of a set of
   user space utilities that should to be used together with the
   zSeries (s390) Linux kernel and device drivers.

   The package contains:

   * dasdfmt:
     Low-level format ECKD DASDs with the classical Linux disk layout or the new
     z/OS compatible disk layout.

   * fdasd:
     Create or modify partitions on ECKD DASDs formatted with the z/OS
     compatible disk layout.

   * dasdview:
     Display DASD and VTOC information or dump the contents of a DASD to the

   * dasdinfo:
     Display unique DASD ID, either UID or volser.

   * udev rules:
     - 59-dasd.rules: rules for unique DASD device nodes created in /dev/disk/.
     - 57-osasnmpd.rules: udev rules for osasnmpd.
     - 60-readahead.rules: udev rules to set increased "default max readahead".

   * zipl:
     Make DASDs or tapes bootable for system IPL or system dump.

   * zgetdump:
     Retrieve system dumps from either tapes or DASDs.

   * qetharp:
     Read and flush the ARP cache on OSA Express network cards.

   * tape390_display:
     Display information on the message display facility of a zSeries tape

   * tape390_crypt:
     Control and query crypto settings for 3592 zSeries tape devices.

   * osasnmpd:
     UCD-SNMP/NET-SNMP subagent implementing MIBs provided by OSA-Express
     features Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, High Speed Token Ring and
     ATM Ethernet LAN Emulation in QDIO mode.

   * qethconf:
     bash shell script simplifying the usage of qeth IPA (IP address
     takeover), VIPA (Virtual IP address) and Proxy ARP.

     Shell script collecting useful information about the current system for
     debugging purposes.

   * zfcpdump:
     Dump tool to create system dumps on fibre channel attached SCSI disks.
     It is installed using the zipl command.

   * zfcpdump_v2:
     Version 2 of the zfcpdump tool. Now based on the upstream 2.6.26 Linux

   * ip_watcher:
     Provides HiperSockets Network Concentrator functionality.
     It looks for addresses in the HiperSockets and sets them as Proxy ARP
     on the OSA cards. It also adds routing entries for all IP addresses
     configured on active HiperSockets devices.
     Use to start HiperSockets Network Concentrator.

   * tunedasd:
     Adjust tunable parameters on DASD devices.

   * vmconvert:
     Convert system dumps created by the z/VM VMDUMP command into dumps with
     LKCD format. These LKCD dumps can then be analyzed with the dump analysis
     tool lcrash.

   * vmcp:
     Allows Linux users to send commands to the z/VM control program (CP).
     The normal usage is to invoke vmcp with the command you want to
     execute. The response of z/VM is written to the standard output.

   * vmur:
     Allows to work with z/VM spool file queues (reader, punch, printer).

   * zfcpdbf:
     Display debug data of zfcp. zfcp provides traces via the s390 debug
     feature. Those traces are filtered with the zfcpdbf script, i.e. merge
     several traces, make it more readable etc.

   * scsi_logging_level:
     Create, get or set the logging level for the SCSI logging facility.

   * zconf:
     Set of scripts to configure and list status information of Linux for
     zSeries IO devices.
     - chccwdev: Modify generic attributes of channel attached devices.
     - lscss:      List channel subsystem devices.
     - lsdasd:     List channel attached direct access storage devices (DASD).
     - lsqeth:     List all qeth-based network devices with their corresponding
     - lstape:     List tape devices, both channel and FCP attached.
     - lszfcp:     Shows information contained in sysfs about zfcp adapters,
                   ports and units that are online.
     - lschp:      List information about available channel-paths.
     - chchp:      Modify channel-path state.
     - lsluns:     List available SCSI LUNs depending on adapter or port.
     - lszcrypt:   Show Information about zcrypt devices and configuration.
     - chzcrypt:   Modify zcrypt configuration.
     - znetconf:   List and configure network devices for System z network
     - cio_ignore: Query and modify the contents of the CIO device driver

   * dumpconf:
     Allows to configure the dump device used for system dump in case a kernel
     panic occurs. This tool can also be used as an init script for etc/init.d.
     Prerequisite for dumpconf is a Linux kernel with the "dump on panic"

   * mon_statd:
     Linux - z/VM monitoring daemons.

     - mon_fsstatd: Daemon that writes file system utilization data to the
                    z/VM monitor stream.

     - mon_procd:   Daemon that writes process information data to the z/VM
                    monitor stream.

   * cpuplugd:
     Daemon that manages CPU and memory resources based on a set of rules.
     Depending on the workload CPUs can be enabled or disabled. The amount of
     memory can be increased or decreased exploiting the CMM1 feature.

   * ipl_tools:
     Tool set to configure and list reipl and shutdown actions.
     - lsreipl: List information of reipl device.
     - chreipl: Change reipl device settings.
     - lsshut:  List actions which will be done in case of halt, poff, reboot
                or panic.
     - chshut:  Change actions which should be done in case of halt, poff,
                reboot or panic.

   * ziomon tools:
     Tool set to collect data for zfcp performance analysis and report.

   * iucvterm:
     z/VM IUCV terminal applications.

     A set of applications to provide terminal access via the z/VM Inter-User
     Communication Vehicle (IUCV). The terminal access does not require an
     active TCP/IP connection between two Linux guest operating systems.

     - iucvconn:  Application to establish a terminal connection via z/VM IUCV.
     - iucvtty:   Application to provide terminal access via z/VM IUCV.
     - ts-shell:  Terminal server shell to authorize and control IUCV terminal
                  connections for individual Linux users.

For more information refer to the following publications:
   * "Device Drivers, Features, and Commands" chapter "Useful Linux commands"
   * "Using the dump tools"

   * osasnmpd:
     You need at least the UCD-SNMP 4.2.3 package installed, before
     building the osasnmpd subagent.
     For more information on UCD-SNMP/NET-SNMP refer to:

   * lsluns:
     For executing the lsluns script the sg_luns command must be available.
     The sg_luns executable is part of the SCSI generic device driver package
     (sg3 utils/sg utils).

   * ziomon tools:
     For executing the ziomon tools an installed blktrace package is required.
     See: git://

Release History:
    Added new tools:
    - 60-readahead.rules: udev rules to set increased "default max readahead"
          The current "default max readahead" defined by the kernel is too
          small for s390. Add udev rule to set a better default value. This
          will increase sequential read performance up to 40%.

    Changes of existing tools:
     - zipl: Improve I/O error recovery during IPL
          Change the boot loader code to handle temporary path errors and link
          flapping during IPL.

          Using the default value has been replaced by calculating the address
          dependent on the image size.

     - lsqeth: Introduce "lay'2" column for "lsqeth -p"
          Add new qeth attribute "isolation".

     - qethconf: Indicate command failure and show message list
          When qethconf detects a bad exit status of its issued echo
          command, an error message is presented to the user.
          In addition possible reasons for command failure can be
          listed with "qethconf list_msg".

     - dumpconf: Prevent reipl loop for dump on panic
          A new DELAY_MINUTES keyword is introduced in the dumpconf
          configuration file. The keyword delays the activation of dumpconf to
          prevent potential re-IPL loops.

     - dbginfo: Add new attributes

    Bug Fixes:
     - cpuplugd: Fix file handling in get_cmmpages_size()

     - fdasd, dasdinfo, tunedasd: Fix handling of read-only devices
          A as long as a tool does not require write access do a block device,
          it should open the device in read-only mode. Otherwise opening the
          device may fail, and usability of the tool on read-only devices is
          unnecessarily restricted.

     - fdasd: Fix auto mode behavior
          Fix the misbehavior of fdasd in case the -a or -i option is specified
          and the label block is broken. Previously it asked interactively for
          a new label. Now it exits with an error message.

     - dasdview, fdasd: Fix floating point error for unformatted devices
          When executed on an unformatted device the tools dasdview and fdasd
          will end with an floating point exception error.
          The reason for the error lies in the fact that we cannot rely on the
          HDIO_GETGEO ioctl to report a correct number of cylinders and so we
          compute the number of cylinders from the device size. However,
          for unformatted devices the device size is zero and thus our
          computation ends with a floating point exception.
          To solve this issue read the correct number of cylinders from
          the DASD device characteristics, which can be found in the data
          returned by the BIODASDINFO ioctl.

     - libvtoc: Fix string overflow in vtoc_volume_label_init()
          Originally it tries to copy a 84B string into 4B field and reset also
          the other fields through the overflow. This doesn't work with recent
          GCC versions.

     - mon_statd: Improve init script
          * stop: Do not print error messages if a daemon is not configured.
          * start: Do not load module if no daemon is configured.
          * Remove useless newlines.

     - lscss: Fix uppercase conversion (appeared with -u option)

     - lstape: Help function returns 1, although it was successful
          Changed exit status of "lstape --help" from 1 to 0.

     - znetconf: Index into chpidtype lookup table must be hex
          Network subchannels with CHPID type containing non-decimal digits,
          i.e. a-f, cause lsznet.raw errors. The value of the sysfs attribute
          "type" of a CHPID is hex, but the lookup table index in the bash
          script must be decimal. To solve the problem, we now
          interpret "type" as hex number when used as lookup table index.

     - chreipl: Fix SIGSEGV in "chreipl node"
          When calling "chreipl node /dev/dasdxy" chreipl crashes with SIGSEGV.
          The problem is a missing check in get_ccw_devno_old_sysfs(). Besides
          of that at two places strncpy() was called with the wrong size.

     - chshut: Disable panic action
          The panic action should be configured using the dumpconf service.
          Therefore we disable the possibility to configure it with chshut in
          order to avoid conflicts.

     - lsreipl: Add missing NSS support

     - vmconvert: Ensure null termination of progress bar string
          The progress bar shows control characters at end of line, because
          one variable responsible for the progress bar has not been
          initialized. We now initialize this variable correctly.

     - vmconvert, zfcpdump_v2: Set correct LKCD end marker flag

     - zfcpdump_v2: Ignore failure of modprobe
          It is possible that all modules are built-in the zfcpdump kernel.
          Therefore modprobe of those modules will fail and we must not
          check the return value.

     - ziomon: ziorep_traffic/utilization return 1 when called with -h & -v
          These two tools return 1 when -h or -v are used as arguments. Changed
          the return code in these cases to 0.

     - zipl: zfcp dump partition error
          The info structure was used after it was freed. This leads to wrong
          partition information on the zfcp dump device. Therefore SCSI
          dumps may fail. To fix this, we free the info structure after last

    Changes of existing tools:
     - zipl: Add support for device mapper devices.
         Allow installation of and booting from a boot record on logical
         devices, i.e. devices managed by device mapper (or similar products),
         e.g. multipath devices.

    Added new tools:
    - znetconf
    - cio_ignore

    Changes of existing tools:
    - dasdview: Add solid state device support.
         Extend the -c option to show if a disk is a solid state device or not.

    - lscss: Also show devices on the defunct subchannel.

    - all: Reworked s390-tools build process.

    Bug Fixes:
    - dumpconf: Validate DEVICE keyword, enhance error handling.
         The DEVICE keyword is accepted in both devno and bus-ID syntax.
         In case of invalid keywords the corresponding error messages are more

    - zipl: Ensure that zipl is built with non-executable stack.
         The ".note.GNU-stack" section is lost when the boot loaders in zipl
         are built. The reason is that objcopy removes all sections except
         of the text section: $(OBJCOPY) -O binary --only-section=.text $< $@
         When the linker finds a object file without the .note.GNU-stack
         section, it forces the binary to have executable stack.
         To fix the problem, the noexecstack option is used in the link step.

    - zipl: "zipl --help" does not mention "--force".
         Add information on the "--force" option introduced together with

    - zipl: Don't use "Error" if user answered zipl confirmation prompt with no
         For several operations zipl issues a confirmation prompt such as
         "Do you want to continue creating a dump partition (y/n)".
         If the user disagrees, there should be no error indication in the
         "Operation canceled by user." message.

    - zipl:
         * Exit when trying to run zipl on an unknown device type.
         * Skip check for invalid geometry on FBA devices.
         * Fix use after free error when installing a multi-volume dump.

    - vmur, ziomon tools: Install tools under "/usr/sbin" instead of "/sbin".
         Because vmur and ziomon use libstdc++ that normally is installed under
         "/usr/lib", we have to install the tools under "/usr/sbin".

    - cpuplugd: Fix cmm_pages allocation.
         Fix cmm_pages allocation outside min and max limitation.

    - dasdinfo:
         * Strip trailing spaces from volume serials with less then 6
         * Read volume serials also from CMS formatted disks.

    - lsluns:
         Fixed disk encryption check that is performed when the new "--active"
         command line switch is used.

    - zfcpdbf:
         * Fix reading of recovery trace.
         * Fix tag checks in reading of hba trace.
         * Fix output of els requests in san trace.
         * Remove color output that only works on some terminal types.
         * Remove output of no longer existing driver flags.
         * Remove outdated code for support of 2.4.x kernels.

    - ipl_tools (lsshut):
         Fix printing of vmcmd shutdown action: Also print CP commands that
         have more than one word.

    - all:
         Fixed a lot of build warnings and minor bugs.

    Added new tools:
    - iucvterm

    Changes of existing tools:
    - dump tools: Add support for "Automatic IPL after dump"
         Kernels supporting the new shutdown action "dump_reipl" allow to
         specify a re-IPL device that should be used after dump. To
         exploit this feature the following tools have been updated:
         - zipl dump tools:
           Trigger IPL after dump, if specified.
         - zfcpdump:
           Trigger IPL after dump, if specified.
         - dumpconf:
           Allow to specify "dump_reipl" in case a kernel panic occurs.

    - DASD related tools: Add Large Volume Support for ECKD DASDs
         The DASD device driver with "Large Volume Support" allows to access
         ECKD DASD devices with more than 65520 cylinders. To exploit this
         feature the following tools have been updated:
         - dasdfmt
         - fdasd
         - dasdview
         - zipl
         - zipl dump tools

    - ziomon: Add report utilities
         New tools ziorep_config, ziorep_traffic and ziorep_utilization
         for performance data report generation are added.

    - vmur: Add "--convert" option
         With this option a VMDUMP file can be converted into the LKCD dump
         format while receiving it from the z/VM reader. LKCD dumps
         can be processed by the Linux dump analysis tools lcrash and crash.

    - lsluns: Add "--active" option
         With this option all activated LUNs are shown. In addition LUN
         encryption information is provided.

    - dasdview: Add "--characteristic" option
         With this option a list of hardware specific DASD characteristics is
         shown. Currently only the encryption status is shown, this may
         be extended for future releases.

    - tunedasd: Normalize profile data
         Change the scaling of DASD profile data from binary to decimal
         shifting. Also print the scaling factor.

    - qetharp, qethconf, osasnmpd and lsqeth:
         removed 2.4 supporting code

    - dasdfmt: Add "--norecordzero" option
         With this option the permission for the subsystem to format record
         zero is removed.

    - dasdfmt: Add "--percentage" option
         With this option one line for each formatted cylinder is printed
         showing the number of the cylinder and percentage of formatting

    Bug Fixes:
    - zipl dump tools:
         The 31-bit dump tools did not update the address portion of the
         disabled wait psw with the error code. This omission has been fixed.

    - zipl dump tools:
         FBA dump tool can only dump up to 4GB. When dumping a Linux system
         with more than 4GB on a FBA disk, a corrupt dump is generated, where
         the first 4GB of memory are repeatedly dumped. The problem is that
         the dumper code uses two 32 bit instructions, where 64 bit
         instructions are required. To fix the problem 64 bit instructions are
         used now.

    - Remove -s option from install sections in Makefiles
         Because the binaries have been stripped in the install step, the
         debug info was not available for rpmbuild. Therefore the -s option
         has been removed now.

    - Improve LSB (Linux Standard Base) compliance of init scripts

    - tape390_display:
         The command  "tape390_display <message1> <message2> <node>" can cause
         message "stack smashing detected" if <message2> contains exactly
         eight characters. This stack overwrite has been fixed.

    - lscss:
         Don't print newline for availability attributes containing blanks.

    - chccwdev:
         Suppress bash error message, if device is gone between test and
         read of online attribute. Exit with error if no device was found
         in a given range.

    - chccwdev, lscss, lstape:
         Add missing "-v" and "-V" (lstape) options.

    - chchp:
         Improve value checking.

    - dasdinfo:
         Fix handling of new sysfs layout. Due to changes in the sysfs
         dasdinfo did not find a block device to a given busid. Changed
         dasdinfo to accept the new and the old sysfs layout.

    Added new tools:
    - ipl_tools (lsreipl, chreipl, lsshut, chshut)
    - ziomon tools
    - lszcrypt
    - chzcrypt
    - lsluns

    Changes of existing tools:
    - zfcpdump_v2: Add support for memory holes
         zfcpdump was not prepared to deal with multiple, non-contiguous
         storage extents. This shortcoming has been fixed by introducing
         a new debugfs file zcore/memmap which contains information on
         start address and length of memory chunks.

    - zfcpdump_v2: Update to latest e2fsprogs (1.41.3) and kernel (2.6.27)

    - zipl: Support for virtio devices
         This feature allows zipl to prepare virtio devices for ipl and dump.

    - zipl dump tools: Add multi volume support
         This feature adds the ability to dump on multiple ECKD DASD devices,
         which can be necessary, if the system memory size is larger than
         the size of a single DASD device.

    - lscss: Support for non I/O subchannels
         lscss now shows non I/O subchannels. New options to limit the output
         to ranges of subchannels or devices have been added.

    - lstape: Add SCSI tape support
         With this feature it is now possible to list installed SCSI tapes
         besides channel attached tapes.

    - ip_watcher: New qeth driver support
         Adapt ip_watcher to support sysfs interface of the qeth driver.
         This is necessary to support the new implementation of the qeth driver
         (kernel 2.6.26).

    - osasnmpd: New qeth driver support
         Adapt osasnmpd to new implementation of qeth driver (kernel 2.6.26),
         which does no longer offer the sysfs attribute notifier_register.
         Notification of added or removed OSA-cards now has to be done in
         user space (udev). The udev rule file '57-osasnmpd.rules' is
         provided now in the s390-tools package.

         Collect additional system information.

    Bug Fixes:
    - zipl dump tools:
         The tape dump tool provided incorrect input for the progress message.
         For memory sizes larger than 4G the progress message display stopped
         at 3584M thus leaving the user in doubt, whether the dump tool is
         still dumping or not.

    - zfcpdump_v2:
         With kernels 2.6.26 or above, the port_add attribute has been
         removed which caused "Dump to SCSI disk" to fail with following
            ERROR: Could not open /sys/bus/ccw/drivers/zfcp/<bus_id>/port_add
            No such file or directory 
         This has now been fixed.

    - lsdasd:
        - correct presentation of DASD HPAV alias devices 
        - improve performance of script
        - correct bug with non-privileged users
        - adaption to sysfs rules
        - improve usability

    - cpuplugd/mon_statd:
         Fix "Required Start/Stop" dependencies.

    - cpuplugd:
         A bug which prevented CPUs from being set online again after
         /etc/init.d/cpuplugd reload and restart has been fixed.

    Changes of existing tools:
    - zipl: IPL-retry on IFCC.
         This feature causes the hardware to retry a CCW IPL operation on an
         alternate channel-path if an interface-control check is detected
         during execution of the CCW IPL operation.

    - zipl: Boot menu can be used to replace kernel parameter string
         zipl's boot menu for DASD devices has been changed to allow replacing
         the complete kernel parameter string with user input when the first
         character of user input is an equal sign ('=').

    - cpuplugd: Enhanced configuration file parser
         The parser of cpuplugd has been enhanced to provide more hints to
         the user at which entry in the configuration file a configuration
         error occurred.

    - dumpconf: Add VMCMD support
         The dumpconf init script now exploits the new "shutdown actions
         interface" introduced with vanilla Linux kernel 2.6.25. Up to
         five VM commands can be specified to be triggered in case of
         a kernel panic.

    - mon_fsstatd: Remove init script and sysconfig file
         mon_fsstatd init script and sysconfig file are replaced by
         mon_statd, which controls both monitor daemons mon_fsstatd and

    - lszfcp: Source code cleanup

    Added new tool:
    - cpuplugd

    Changes of existing tools:
    - dasdinfo: New -x/--extended-uid option.
         With the PTF for APAR VM64273 installed, z/VM provides a unique
         identifier that allows to distinguish between virtual disks which
         are defined on the same real device. This identifier will be part
         of the UID. To allow for an easier upgrade, the original -u/--uid
         option will print the UID without this token and the
         -x/--extended-uid will return the full UID.

    Added new tools:
    - vmur
    - lschp
    - chchp
    - zfcpdump_v2
    - mon_procd (with new mon_statd init script and sysconfig file)

    Changes of existing tools:
    - Use "-O3" compile option for all tools.
    - Update zipl to enable zfcpdump_v2.

    Added new tools:
    - tape390_crypt
    - mon_fsstatd
    - dumpconf
    - dasdinfo
    - 59-dasd.rules

    Changes of existing tools:
    - DASD/Tape dump tools:
      SCLP console support to show dump progress on the operator console.

    - zgetdump:
      New -d option to check if DASD is a valid dump device.

    - No more XML in zfcpdump:
      Because XML is going to be obsolete, we now use the binary parameter
      block provided by the hardware to find out on which scsi disk the dump
      should be created.

      Collect additional system information.

    - No libsysfs in DASD tools:
      It turned out that using libsysfs is less stable than using the sysfs
      attributes directly. Therefore the libsysfs dependency has been removed.

    - Removed '-c' option of lsqeth.

    - Unification of 'invalid option' error messages, Makefiles and "-v" output
      for all tools.

    Added new tools:
    - lszfcp
    - scsi_logging_level

     Added new tool:
     - vmcp: tool for accessing the control program of z/VM using the
          kernel module 'vmcp'.

     - zfcpdbf: perl script to filter ZFCP debug (DBF) data.

     Added new features for existing tools:
     - vmconvert: 64bit support.
          Enhance vmconvert that it can convert the new 64bit format
          z/VM dumps in addition to the old format dumps.

     - osasnmpd: implement long options
          For for all options now also long options have been implemented
          using the "getopt_long" function.

     - dasdxxxx: DASD tool harmonization
          Some changes are applied to dasdfmt, fdasd and dasdview either to
          make the syntax more common to other Linux tools or to introduce
          small enhancements to get better usability.

     - zfcpdump: Update SCSI System Dumper
          Replaced the old Linux 2.4.19 kernel with Linux 2.6.12 and
          e2fsprogs version 1.32 with version 1.37.
          The busybox will be removed completely, since the functionality
          provided by busybox will be implemented manually.

     - collect additional debug output.
          fixed collection of s390dbf files which moved to debugfs.
          Changed behavior when trying to detect the kernel version.

     Added new tool:
     - zconf/lsqeth: shell script to list all QETH based networking devices

     Added new features for existing tools:
     - collect additional debug output,
          corrected/changed command line handling

     - zipl: added --dry-run function
          This function can be used to simulate a zipl run without modifying
          an existing IPL record.

     - zipl: dump support for memory holes. Enables dumping for z/VM guests
          with fragmented storage (defined with z/VM command
          'define storage config').

     - dasd tools: minor enhancements, rework and harmonization of the
          command line options

1.3.2: Added new tool:
     - vmconvert
     Added new features for existing tools:
     - zipl: FBA dump support

1.3: Added new tools:
     - zconf (chccwdev,lscss,lsdasd,lstape)
     - tunedasd

     Added new features for existing tools:
     - zipl: multi boot, IPL from tape, custom dump size limit
     - adaptions for Linux 2.6

1.2.2: Added new tool:
     - ip_watcher/start_hsnc

1.2: Added new tools:
     - qethconf
     - zfcpdump

     Added new features for existing tools:
     - zipl: zfcp scsi ipl and dump support
     - qetharp: static ARP support
     - tape390_display: new tape load option and new message types

1.1: Added new tools:
     - osasnmpd
     - qetharp
     - tape390_display

1.0: Initial s390-tools release containing:
     - dasdfmt
     - dasdview
     - fdasd
     - zgetdump
     - zipl
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