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ROX is a fast, user friendly desktop which makes extensive use of drag-and-drop. The interface revolves around the file manager, or filer, following the traditional Unix view that `everything is a file' rather than trying to hide the filesystem beneath start menus, wizards, or druids. The aim is to make a system that is well designed and clearly presented. The ROX style favours using several small programs together instead of creating all-in-one mega-applications.
2014-11-29 Thomas LeonardMoved to
2014-11-29 Thomas LeonardConverted README to markdown
2014-06-15 Thomas LeonardDon't confirm overwrites when copying in quiet mode
2013-02-06 Dennis NezicScroll to show match when using "Select by Name" minibuffer
2012-12-30 DemonslayerFixed some compiler type warnings
2012-12-30 DemonslayerRemoved unused variables
2012-12-30 DemonslayerUpgraded deprecated functions to new versions
2012-09-22 Norm PierceFixed xdgmime support for zero-length files
2012-09-22 Thomas LeonardUpdated to latest xdgmime library
2012-09-22 Norm PierceRemove rule that zero-length files are always text...
2012-09-22 Thomas LeonardRemoved xdgmime files not needed for ROX
2012-09-22 Thomas LeonardFixed use-after-free in xdgmime
2012-09-22 Thomas LeonardAdded xdgmime history to ROX-Filer's Git repository
2012-08-12 Norm PierceFix pinboard event forwarding with GTK >= 2.18
2012-07-15 Thomas LeonardInclude -lm explicitly
2012-07-15 Thomas LeonardIncreased maximum value for width of filenames options
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10 years ago v2.8 Release 2.8
10 years ago v2.7.1 Release 2.7.1
10 years ago v2.7 Release 2.7
11 years ago v2.6.1 This was the branch-point for 2...
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16 years ago Release-1-2-1
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