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2011-03-19 Marc Andre... Fix activation of selected entrymaster
2010-10-06 Marc Andre... Set version to 0.2v0.2
2010-10-06 Marc Andre... Force redraw upon menu item selection
2010-10-04 Marc Andre... Remove grid gui module
2010-10-04 Marc Andre... Change einas pkg-config name to match EFL 1.0
2010-10-02 Marc Andre... Remove new lines from gui error messages
2010-10-02 Marc Andre... Add -h option to print usage text
2010-10-02 Marc Andre... Add signal handler to clean up if we are killed
2010-10-02 Marc Andre... Simplify gui menu selection handling
2010-10-02 Marc Andre... Simplify gui menu item creation
2010-10-02 Marc Andre... Disable grid gui module
2010-10-02 Marc Andre... Gui deselect menu items if necessary
2010-10-02 Marc Andre... Catch mouse down events on the whole line
2010-10-01 Marc Andre... Print ${LIBS} at the beginning of the build
2010-10-01 Marc Andre... Unmount everything before poweroff
2010-08-31 Marc Andre... Clean up diagnostic related stuff
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