This project is a fork of the qgit4.git project. If you have that one already cloned locally, you can use
git clone --reference /path/to/your/qgit4.git/incarnation mirror_URL
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descriptionRevive qgit4, fix some showstopers, and restart
last changeMon, 21 May 2018 15:50:37 +0000 (21 11:50 -0400)
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This fork starts because of bugs triggered by evolution of git. After fixing these bugs, an evolution work will follow. Project management site:
2018-05-21 David EdmundsonAdd high DPI supportmaster
2018-05-21 Andreas SturmlechnerFix build with Qt 5.11 (missing header)
2017-11-26 Cristian TibirnaFIX action text being potentially altered from assigned...
2017-10-10 Cristian TibirnaMerge pull request #9 from placasse/EditorConfig
2017-10-10 Cristian TibirnaMerge pull request #8 from placasse/FixMSVCCompile
2017-10-09 Patrick LacasseReplace operator or by || because MSVC doesn't recogniz...
2017-10-09 Patrick LacasseFix a warning about a bool > 0.
2017-10-09 Patrick LacasseAn editorconfig file.
2017-09-23 Cristian TibirnaMerge pull request #7 from gaaf/patch-1
2017-09-22 Alex HermannExtract ref name from QAction's iconText() instead...
2017-09-17 Cristian TibirnaMerge pull request #6 from ShalokShalom/patch-1
2017-09-12 MatthiasSchusterUpdate to Qt5
2017-06-04 Cristian TibirnaMerge pull request #5 from ursjoss/tb_fix_keybindings
2017-05-29 Urs JossRevert "Fix Readme for going to revisions list page...
2017-05-23 Urs JossFix Readme for going to revisions list page and patch...
2017-05-23 Urs JossIgnore src/release and .qmake.stash
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9 years ago BUG_20
9 years ago qgit-2.3
9 years ago sf_1.3.1
9 years ago sf_1.3
9 years ago F_36
9 years ago sf_1.3rc1
9 years ago F_35
9 years ago BUG_19
9 years ago BUG_18
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