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descriptionZ80 target for QEMU
last changeSun, 27 Sep 2009 11:54:06 +0000 (27 12:54 +0100)
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A Z80 target for QEMU.

Emulates the following machines:

2009-09-27 Stuart BradyImplement preliminary SAM Coupé emulationmaster
2009-09-27 Stuart Bradyz80: specify is_user as 0 when calling tlb_set_page_exec()
2009-09-27 Stuart Bradyz80: allow disassembling from the monitor
2009-09-27 Stuart Bradyz80: call do_interrupt() when handling exceptions for...
2009-09-26 Stuart BradyImplement preliminary 128K Spectrum emulation
2009-08-10 Juha Riihimäkimsx: do not remap inactive memory pages
2009-08-10 Juha Riihimäkiz80: fix flag register handling for block i/o commands
2009-06-24 Juha Riihimäkimsx: fix loading small cartridge images
2009-06-24 Juha Riihimäkimsx: add support for most widely used external memory...
2009-06-24 Juha RiihimäkiFix tms9918a transparent color rendering
2009-06-20 Stuart BradyDon't check for qemu_mallocz() returning NULL in msx_init()
2009-06-20 Juha RiihimäkiMSX emulation
2009-06-20 Juha RiihimäkiFix warnings when compiling z80-dis.c
2009-06-20 Juha Riihimäkitarget-z80: Fix handling of block in/out operations
2009-06-20 Stuart BradyImprove comments for ZX Spectrum keyboard layout
2009-06-06 Stuart BradySeparate out Spectrum keyboard emulation
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